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My Faith Is Not Embraced By My Family


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Can you relate to this? You are a Catholic Christian and your family is either non- religious, fallen away Catholic, or of another denomination that does not think kindly of Catholics.  Therefore, you are unable to openly express your faith or even live out your faith without be subjected to constant ridicule.  Family members can be the toughest, and they certainly don’t welcome any form of preaching, especially from a Catholic.  This situation leaves you voiceless in a family that is supposed to be supportive.  A very frustrating position to be in, but one that many of us find ourselves living in.  Call us with your story, 1-833-288-3986.

Good article for those wondering if they can attend a wedding of a baptized Catholic outside the Catholic Church.


4 thoughts on “My Faith Is Not Embraced By My Family

  1. Unfortunately, this is the case. The impending visit of Pope Francis to Ireland has divided public opinion. I pray that all will pass peacefully and that devout Catholics will be allowed free expression without intimidation or ridicule.


  2. Wow! this topic is so on. As a revert now what many might call a fanatic,I pray like Monica and St Rita and St Jude and can I just say I LOVE the saints. I can speak freely with them. I recommend a series I saw on EWTN by Vern Robertson *Seminar of Hope” And remember we can’t see all the good our God is all about. Thank Him in advance. He does answer our prayers. Also pray fasting and almsgiving and have masses said for loved ones. Lets pray for each other. We need strength but are weak. Our strength is in the Lord and we are the body of Christ… Love you guys. Regina, Cape Cod


    • Regina, thank you for your insights and for infectious passion for the faith. You are inspiring!!! Yes! We love the saints as well. They are alive and working on our behalf. It is great to part of such a large and holy family…It is going to be blast to one day actually meet Monica, Rita, Jude and the others…You already have an established relationship with them through your prayers…how lucky you are! We will certainly check out the EWTN series…thanks for letting us know…


      Debbie and Jerry


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