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Food and Fellowship


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We read in Scripture how Jesus dined with His followers. Friendships are made, deepened and sometimes broken around meals. Judas is a perfect example at the Last Supper. Gathering together around a meal tends to bring out characteristics of the human person that we may not see in other settings, such as at work, school, etc. Meals are vitally important, and in this day and age they have been disregarded as a waste of time, another one of Satan’s tactics that we fell for. How long do you dine with family and friends? What sorts of conversations do you have? Are technological gadgets prohibited or allowed at your meals? Are certain topics of discussion off limits, or does anything go? How often do you gather with loved ones and just savor the food and the time together? When was the last time you all had a hearty laugh at the meal table? Share your take with Jerry and Debbie on Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Food and Fellowship

  1. I don’t like the take2show with Jerry and Debbie. I don’t know why so many callers say they “love” the show. It’s so much pablum.

    Well, to business.

    I listened agonizingly to this entire episode encore and I tabulated how many times Jerry and Debbie said their names versus how many times they said “Jesus” or “God.”

    I’m not saying this is perfect, but here it goes:
    “jerry” 10 time during the show
    “Debbie” 9 times during the show
    “Take 2 Show with Jerry and Debbie” 8 times
    “Jesus” 2 times
    “God” 3 times
    I did this tabulation to prove to myself (anyway) just how -self-promoting these radio hosts are, by saying their own names over and over.

    So: the results: Jerry+Debbie+Take2Show with Jerry and Debbie == 27 times in a 56 min show
    Jesus and God == 5 times in a 56 min show
    So Jerry and Debbie are “plugging” their own names OVER 5 times more often then they say Jesus or God

    Then there are the miscellaneous self-promotions, like Debbie said in this program”isn’t this program the best part of your day?”
    (well, no, frankly)

    Now, I don’t have a stopwatch, so I can’t quantify how much Debbie and Jerry are talking during the show, but I believe that it must be around 2/3 of the time. They didn’t get to the first caller until about 14 minutes or so, so they just had all that time to rattle off their banal opinions and thoughts.

    The calls are heavily screened to give middle class affluent family comments (see the promotional photo above). When J&D have the type of caller they want, then they let these women (mostly on this episode) just talk and talk, instead of letting other callers get in.

    These are the things that irritate me about the show, as well as the “oh oh oh” theme music.


    • Thanks so much for your insightful and candid comments. They give us some things to think about as we move forward with the show. Not sure how long you’ve been listening to the show. Some people have told us that it has “grown on them.” That might happen with you. We have had a priest tell us that he had his doubts about the show at first, but after listening for a while, he really came to see the value of allowing for a dialogue between callers and hosts, and between callers and callers. The only issue you raised that I will address is the number of times you hear us say Jerry and Debbie versus Jesus or God. While we refer to Jesus and God regularly on the show, it’s an industry practice to repeat the name of the show frequently throughout a broadcast, primarily for the benefit of those who may have just tuned in. Hope this all helps a little bit. Always feel free to share your comments, concerns or criticism of the show!


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