Take 2

My Wish Is…


If you were granted one wish – just one – and it had to be for the entire world, what would it be? Share with us your wish for the world to use a Christian term, your prayer for the world. We all want something for this beautiful world. On Wednesday, Jerry and Debbie give you a chance to speak it loudly to the world that is listening. Take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Take2_071818- wish

2 thoughts on “My Wish Is…

  1. One wish: A personal love relationship with Jesus


    • Sue, the fact that you want that with Jesus (assuming it’s for yourself), you really already have it. Jesus is always embracing you with His love. Simply ask Him for the grace to receive that free gift, and to return it to Him as best you are able. He’ll take whatever you are able to give him right now, knowing that you ultimately want to give Him your entire heart. Bless you!


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