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Whom Are You Missing?


In life, a lot of things change. Relationships evolve or dissolve, people move, family and friends are deployed in the military, some pass away. There are all sorts of circumstances that take our loved ones away from us. The very fact that we love them almost always means there is going to be a longing in our hearts to be with them, and, perhaps, a bit of sadness caused by their absence. Is there someone who has been an important part of your life whom you’re missing dearly right now? Share it on Wednesday with Jerry and Debbie. Talking about it could help you see what a great blessing he or she has been – and, hopefully, continues to be in your life.


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2 thoughts on “Whom Are You Missing?

  1. The person I miss the most is my husband, John. He has Parkinson’s and is fading away from me a little every day. We did everything together and he helped so much but now he can’t do hardly anything. I also have to make all the decisions.
    I couldn’t call in as he is here with me.


    • We’re so sorry to hear about John’s Parkinson’s. It surely has to be difficult for all of you. Please be assured of our prayers!


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