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My mom always said…


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We are still in the month of May so we are honoring the wisdom of mothers and grandmothers.  In June, we will honor the dads. For Thursday’s show, please share with us what words of wisdom or advice your mother or grandmother imparted to you.  Maybe you didn’t realize how profound their statements were until you lived long enough to experience it for yourself.  That is what happened with Debbie and her mom’s advice.  Debbie had to live it and then she realized where she first heard it, from dear ole mom. Our mothers and grandmothers have lived long lives with all the ups and downs this world had to offer.  It surely would be to our advantage if we tap into their wisdom and honor them for taking the time to care about us.  Call in early to the show to be sure to get on the air.  1-833-288-3986.

2 thoughts on “My mom always said…

  1. My grandmother would always say if I live to tomorrow. I am 64 and now know what she meant. She is deceased. I tell my children who are older to take your time driving….better late than dead…..they get it!


  2. My grandmothers name was Helen. If I live to tomorrow. 2nd post


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