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Am I Truly Sorry?

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For any sin to be forgiven, there has to be authentic contrition, or sorrow, for having committed that sin. Thankfully, as the Catholic Church teaches, our sorrow can be “imperfect” and we’re still forgiven. Naturally, the goal is to strive for “perfect” contrition. The latter is sorrow driven by the motive of love for God and having offended Him, and nothing else. The former may include an element of that, but might also be motivated by something like a fear of going to hell. In any event, sorrow must be present or sins are not forgiven. Have you ever confessed your sins, then wondered, “Was I really sorry?” After all, so many of us have that “besetting sin,” the one that keeps coming up over and over in confession. Do you fear your sorrow may not be adequate because of the very real possibility that you will commit the same sins again? On Friday, join Jerry and Debbie as we have a conversation about this important subject. Share your take on how you cultivate sorrow for your sins, and whether or not you might at times struggle to accept that your contrition is sincere.

Here is a link to a good article on confession on EWTN’s website.

Here’s a link to a great examination of conscience by Fr. John Trigilio.


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