Take 2

How Has God Showered You With Blessings?


We all know the saying, “When it rains, it pours.” That’s typically uttered by those who are going through a string of hardships. It’s something we’ve all experienced. But on Thursday, Jerry and Debbie are going to turn that phrase around and look at it from a positive perspective. We’ll invite your takes on how God has “showered” you with an abundance of blessings. This will be a helpful exercise, as we may all realize that we’ve received many more blessings from above than we were aware of. Plus, it will be a great opportunity to show our gratitude for all that Our Heavenly Father does for us.


2 thoughts on “How Has God Showered You With Blessings?

  1. God has so blessed me with programs on ETWN. Take 2 is my favorite! Shhhh! Followed by Caholic Anwers. AND..well you get the picture. He continues to lead me into the truth of the Catholic church. Not an easy journey because of my husband’s strong relationship with our current church, but our God is very faithful in allowing me to take baby steps. I am learning to pray the Rosary & so enjoy that! Our Lady , the Undoer of Knots is another favorite. I hope to attend a Saturday night mass soon. Plan to go to RCIA in September. Trusting God to send me to the right church. YES! I am definitely being showered with blessings!


    • Praise God, Tricia. Thanks for sharing all of this. You surely are being blessed in so many ways. And those blessings will not stop with you, but will flow through you to your entire family. God is hard at work in all of your lives!


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