Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

What Does True Peace Mean to You?


It may be the most sought-after – and misunderstood – commodity among the entire human race: Peace. True peace. Not the absence of war. Not lack of strife or division. No. We’re talking about peace in the human heart, mind and soul. Maybe the key reason why there is so little peace in the world is because there is so little peace in individual human beings. Do you have true peace in your soul? Do you even know what it means? Have you experienced it, only to lose it over the worries and concerns of life? What robs us of peace? How can we restore it? On Monday, join Jerry and Debbie for another poignant conversation about the stuff of real life. Share you take on what true peace means to you – and if you have it in your life.


2 thoughts on “What Does True Peace Mean to You?

  1. True peace………is not of the flesh. It is an actual place which is outside your body yet not…….there is no space no limit no boundaries there is no thought other than love. No knowledge other than the now and the now is love.


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