Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Minority Voices Matter

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The world is filled with bigotry, discrimination, hatred, violence, etc. So much of it is a result of people not liking others with a different skin color. Is that shallow thinking, or what? But, let’s face it. The media make it seem like racism is lurking on every street corner. Is that the case? On Friday, Jerry and Debbie would like to hear from people who would be considered “minorities.” What is your real-life experience of prejudice? Do you feel the sting everyday? Sometimes? Not as much as we’re led to believe? Your takes are what we’re looking for. Call 833-288-EWTN.


One thought on “Minority Voices Matter

  1. Growing up with an Italian mother and grandparents I understood what Debbie meant about the mafia comments. I truly believe that bigotry and racism is learned because as a child I was totally oblivious to it. It was not until about my age now at 55 that I felt there were some places that people just did not feel welcome simply because of their pigment or ethnicity. When I mean people I also include myself. Don’t get me wrong I am not unaware of the civil rights movement or the struggles involved. I just did not understand the whole thing. How people could treat eachother with such hatred to me is perplexing . The only thing I can do about it is pray and be the best person I can be.
    I was taught manners and had a diverse population growing up. The media tries to agitate quite a bit. The only prejudice I may have is the culture that is pervasive at this moment where there is a total lack of respect for marriage, family, elderly people, babies. you name it. I don’t want to do much with those folks who worship their cell phones over making conversation with the clerk in the store or look up for a moment to smile at a person. So to sum it up I had cancer last year and went through chemo. It was at that point that I told myself that I would no longer bring into my life anything that did not have the possibility of bearing fruit. Don’t have time for anything but what I have been taught as a Catholic on how to live my life. I am doing well and believe that I was spared for a reason. And won’t let any negativity get in the way of God’s mission for me.


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