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Breaking Through

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Breakthroughs are when the shackles come off and one is freed from what is keeping them stunted.  Tremendous growth happens as a result of a breakthrough in life.  When that “aha moment” occurs and the realization of something important becomes evident, life can take an amazing turn for the good.  But sometimes getting to a breakthrough requires endurance and maybe even some suffering.  Have you ever experienced a breakthrough in life?  Maybe you have had many breakthroughs.  Please share with us so we can learn what to expect and also be inspired by your journey. 1-833-288-EWTN.


One thought on “Breaking Through

  1. My breakthrough moment came after I had several children. I was up in the middle of the night with a sad, sick baby and nothing I did helped my child. I was exhausted and tired and growing very crabby and angry. All of a sudden I thought I would treat my child as if I was holding baby Jesus. Everything changed! I completely calmed down which helped my baby calm down a bit. The babe was still crying but I no longer was angry and I just loved that baby in a totally different way. From then on, I always hold my babies as if I was holding the Christ Child. It softened me as a mother and it calmed my babies. Now I am a grandmother and holding Baby Jesus every opportunity I get.


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