Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Do You Or Your Spouse Make the First Move Toward Reconciliation?

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There may have been one marriage in the history of humanity where there were no arguments or disagreements (the Holy Family). In all others, there is bound to be strife. The beautiful side of that is that it provides opportunities for husband and wife to grow closer together through apologies and reconciliation. The opposite side leaves the door open for either spouse waiting for the other to “make the first move” when it comes to apologizing, forgiving, etc. In your marriage, do you believe that you or your spouse is more eager to make up and move on? Maybe it’s a fifty-fifty split? What has been the fruit of you humbling yourself before your wife or husband and, if necessary, even “falling on your sword” in order to keep peace in the marriage and family? Share your experience with Jerry and Debbie – and the world – on Thursday!


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