Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Have You Ever Felt Used By Others?

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The Christian life means nothing if it doesn’t mean putting others before ourselves. St. Paul writes in Romans 12:10 that we should “outdo one another in showing honor.” Unfortunately, in every age there are people who are looking out for themselves before they look out for the welfare of others. So, when we defer to others, and do our best to put them above ourselves, they can take advantage of us. Have you had this experience? Maybe it’s happened to you over and over again. A co-worker who asks you to handle their appointed tasks. An irresponsible family member who turns to you for financial help all the time. A friend who asks to borrow your car all the time instead of taking public transportation. It’s great to help all of these people. But how much is too much? Do you ever get the sense that others are using you? That you’re letting yourself be used? It’s important to establish boundaries that are appropriate in all of your interpersonal relationships. Have you managed to do that successfully, while still being generous to those in need? Share your take on this topic on Wednesday.


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