Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

The Birds and the Bees In the 21st Century

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The days seem to be long gone when mom or dad sat down each child and had “that talk” about the birds and bees. As the first and primary educators of your children, you have to be sensitive to presenting them with age-appropriate information about human sexuality. Do you do that? Or do your own past mistakes make you feel unequipped to impart to your children lessons about chastity and purity? Or, worse yet, do you learn the things they’re involved in and cringe at the thought that you never would have done that when you were young? We have to maintain a grip on this most crucial and sensitive area of our children’s development. If we don’t, guess who will? Their peers. Their social media contacts. Magazines like Teen Vogue. As a parent, it’s unimaginable that you would want that to happen. Share your take Monday on how and when you guide your children in the proper ways of understanding and appreciating God’s plan for human sexuality. 

9_18_17_teach-ur_chrildren _well

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