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Do You Have an Exit (Retirement) Strategy?

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Life moves on for all of us. We’re born, we grow up and we enter into careers. Before we know it, we’re staring at the end of our working lives. For some, that comes earlier and easier than it does for others. But for all people, there is no substitute for planning and preparation. It can be a form of stewardship to have a reliable plan in place for your retirement years. Depending on your field and your earning abilities, your retirement can take a variety of different forms. How have you prepared for yours? Have you embraced a somewhat frugal lifestyle in order to have enough resources when you stop working? When did you get started saving for retirement? Was it early enough that you are in good shape? Maybe you got a late start and are faced with the prospect of working later in your life than you would like. What advice were you given by your parents or others about this? Did you follow that advice? What types of investments did you make to set yourself up for retirement? Some people see their investments collapse and it jeopardizes their retirement. If that’s happened to you, what are your plans now? As always, your take on Friday’s show could have a far-reaching impact on many who are still in the workforce.


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