Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Do You Ever Feel Lonely?

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A lot of people today feel alone, isolated, with no support group around them. Even if they interact with hundreds of people a day. There can still be the crippling sense that they’re alone and that no one truly has their interests at heart. Is this the fruit of experiences earlier in life? Is it a matter of the individual having no close family members or friends? Can it translate into a belief that God is no longer with them, either? Do you sometimes find yourself feeling lonely? Maybe that’s your experience a great deal of the time. Do you know someone who often expresses that they feel alone and without anyone who loves and cares for them? This can be a very difficult cross to bear. What’s behind this feeling? It can certainly be the case that a person has little or no interaction with others. But you might have a sense of loneliness even if you are around people all the time. Have you delved into this to try to find the root of it? How have you attempted to comfort and console another person who is lonely? If you’ve overcome this in your own life, what kinds of things did you do or add or delete from your life to change things? Share your take on Thursday’s show.


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