Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Your Faith in Life

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Most of us get in touch with our faith several times a day. Perhaps you offer morning prayers to God as you put your feet on the floor. You likely say a prayer before each meal. Maybe you go to daily Mass and/or pray the Rosary each day. Those are the more obvious ways in which the faith is part of our everyday lives. But today we want your take on how your faith informs every area of your life. When you’re at work. When you’re driving on the freeway. When you’re helping your children with their homework or changing a dirty diaper. When you’re mowing the grass or taking out the garbage. When you’re recreating in some manner. How do you keep your mind focused on the Lord throughout the day? Is there a sort of overarching “sense” of being connected to God that permeates your entire life? Share your take with us, and in the process you’ll provide insights that others may not have thought about.

7_29_17-Chris Burgwald

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