Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

How Do You Pinch Pennies?

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It may not appear to be related to the spiritual life, but how we save money when we can is a very significant thing. It’s a different concept than how we contribute money to charitable causes. Making the effort to save money in every area of our lives is a way of honoring the gifts God has given us and proving that we are good stewards of his generosity. There are countless ways to do this. From clipping grocery coupons, to bundling your home entertainment services. From comparing prices at the store, to not running your heat or air conditioning as much as you might like. Maybe you make a conscious effort to eat out less frequently. Or you could be a parent who convinces your children that they don’t need the latest and greatest fashions or gadgets that many of their friends are wearing and using. Let’s have a creative and beneficial conversation about this. Can you list your top three money-saving strategies? Have you taken notice of how much you’re saving (or just not spending)? Has the money you’ve saved afforded you the opportunity to do other fruitful things in your personal or family life? Has it made it possible for you to give more to the Church or your favorite charity? Maybe it has made you more grateful for every penny the Lord gives you. Enlighten and inspire the rest of us with your take on Monday.


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