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What Floor?

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You’re in an elevator at the hotel where you’re staying on vacation or on a work trip. You’re wearing a crucifix or other obvious religious symbol. The person in the elevator with you asks if you’re a Christian. You have from the ground floor to the 17th floor to share your “elevator speech” testimony with them. We’re not going to time you, but see what you can come up with that would possibly change that other person’s life in a matter of seconds. You might share that you were born and raised Catholic. Maybe you’d want them to know that you became a Christian after living an unfulfilled life far away from God for many years. It could be the Eucharist that you focus on. Share your take on how you would witness to the power of Jesus in your life in a very short elevator ride to your hotel floor.


One thought on “What Floor?

  1. Hello Debbie and Jerry, Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever! Thank you very much for taking my call yesterday regarding my elevator testimony. I think I may have been misunderstood in a few of my comments. I mentioned that I spoke to a former Catholic at a luncheon following a funeral. The former Catholic mentioned he attends a Protestant church because he did not feel a celibate priest could give him advice. I am a married deacon in the Byzantine Catholic Church and I give advice to married couples. I have a 29 and a 31 year old. It was nice to hear a Chaldean called in before me.

    Thank you very much for your great program! May Paradise consume us!


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