Take 2

What Has the Crucifix Taught You?

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We’re all familiar with the crucifix. We may have many of them in our homes. They’re obviously in all of our Catholic churches. Perhaps we wear them around our necks or wrists. They’re depicted in religious art the world over. This is all great. But it can contribute to our taking the crucifix for granted. Take a moment and reflect on what it is that you “see” when you gaze upon Christ on the cross. Are you most moved by the total sacrifice He made for you? Perhaps you’re impacted by the pain He must have experienced in his head by the crown of thorns. You may relate most easily to the nails in His wrists or feet. There’s a saying that it was Jesus’ love that held Him to the cross, not the nails. How do you feel His love when you meditate upon the crucifix? Are you able to see your sins nailed to the cross? Does that give you the freedom to let go of them? When you look at Jesus on the cross are you inclined to unite your trials and sufferings to His? Do you believe that there is power in such a spiritual union of your heart with His? Your take today could make it a little easier for someone who is suffering to see the crucifix as the answer to their pain.


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