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Can We “Negotiate” With God?

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We’re all familiar with the stories of people who say, “God, I’ll never do (fill in the blank) again if you just help me out of this situation!” Or, “Lord, if you do (fill in the blank) for me right now, I will do (fill in the blank) for you the rest of my life.” Does God enter into agreements like that? Can we “bargain” or “negotiate” with God? Do our offerings of service to Him make Him act in a certain way when we make those promises? Have you ever been in a situation where you needed God’s immediate help? Did you offer Him something in return for His swift action? What is your understanding of how God will move in your life? Have you tried to make a deal with Him over something? Did you see the results you were praying for? Did you uphold your end of the bargain? Some would say that prayer changes us, not God. Do you think we are able to change the mind of God? Or change His will in particular circumstances? Share your take on this topic on Friday with Jerry and Debbie – and the world!

8_18_17_ negotiations

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