Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

What Devastating Disappointment Did You “Survive?”

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Have you lived through a devastating loss or experience that left you thinking you would never recover? You’d never be “yourself” again? You’d never get over it or move beyond it? If not, your time just hasn’t come yet. This is part of every life. No one will navigate their entire life without going through it. The key is to allow the power of Jesus’ healing to put the shattered pieces back together again. What have you gone through that you can now look back and honestly say, “I’m OK now”? Maybe you’re just starting to feel “OK.” Perhaps you’re somewhere along that path, but not fully there yet. Is it even possible to get back to where you were emotionally and psychologically, or even be better and stronger? If that has happened to you let us know about it. As always, you could turn a life around with what you share on the program.



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