Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Mixed-Race Marriages and Families


On Thursday, Jerry and Debbie welcome your takes on being part of a mixed-race marriage or family. The Church has always celebrated the universality of her members and the entire human race. People of different races and cultures have a tremendous amount of gifts to offer to one another. This is particularly true when they come together in the same family. If you have experience with this, be sure to call with your take. We look forward to hearing from you! (P.S. The lower picture is Jerry’s sister, Mary, and her husband, Larry. Sincere thanks to all of you who have been praying for her. She passed away on February 7, and her funeral was February 15).



2 thoughts on “Mixed-Race Marriages and Families

  1. Less of an issue in Canada. “Race” (we are all part of the human race; whoever segregated each ethnicity into different “races” should be ashamed) is just not a major issue here like in America. There are definitely not as many African Americans in Canada as there are in America. The largest minority group here is Asians. Even then, mixed marriages between Asians and naturally born Canadians is actually quite common. Relatively few (there’s always a white supremacist somewhere) thinks anything wrong about it. One of the few benefits of being a very open, liberal society. In the end, we should not base our marriage decisions on the difference between 1/16 of an inch (depth of skin color), but on inspiring love, desiring the good of the other, and aspiring heaven.


  2. My name is Ruby & I was on the call regarding mixed-race marriages & failed to mention that I am Filipino married to a Caucasian & our 2 grown children who are also married, one of whom is married to an African American. Please pray for us that our marriages will stand the test of time.

    Love & Peace to the Take2 family & esp Jerry & Debbie. –
    Ruby & Lloyd Thompson, Chazlynn & Jared Ramer, Jerrick & Santosha Thompson. & our granddaughter Azayla & grandson who’s still in the womb.


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