Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Do You Appreciate Classical Music?


There are many different forms of music. All good forms require talent and synchronization among performers. But when listening to classical music, typically performed by orchestras or symphonies, it’s hard to imagine a collection of musical artists performing on the same page like they do, with such precision. And there’s a certain beauty in classical music that is absent in some other forms of music. Of course, the Church has been blessed by countless sacred compositions over the centuries. Let’s talk about this, and how we can all perhaps grow in our appreciation of classical music.


2 thoughts on “Do You Appreciate Classical Music?

  1. I’m a musician and my first love is jazz however I appreciate classical as well. I’m reminded by a famous comment by jazz trumpeter-Dizzy Gillespie who was asked if it wasn’t necessary for upcoming jazz student musicians to study classical music. He absolutely rejected that idea and said it was essential to study classical as well.


    • Thanks for the insightful comment, Tom. We appreciate you listening to the show. God bless you.

      Jerry and Debbie


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