Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

I Told You Not to Call Me!


Several years ago, there was a big dust up surrounding the frustration voiced by people over being bothered by phone solicitors and telemarketers. Remember the so-called “Do Not Call List?” It seems that hasn’t had much impact on people no longer being bothered by solicitors. Do you still get interrupted at all hours – especially the least convenient ones – of the day by people trying to sell you something, get you to sign up for something, or, worst of all, automated calls telling you you’ve won some great prize? What do you do? Do you listen charitably? Do you hang up on them? Do you ask or tell them never to call you again? Some people even engage the person calling in long conversations, even turning the tables on them in terms of their time. Share you take with Jerry and Debbie and the world on Tuesday’s show.


4 thoughts on “I Told You Not to Call Me!

  1. Phone solicitors- I always ask their BBB rating- the scam ones hang up right away. Otherwise I listen patiently if it is a legitimate call then say no thank you, or please send me the info by snail mail. Sometimes I bluntly ask what they want to sell me. I have a unique situation- I am a hostess at an upscale restaurant at a resort- I have to call to confirm reservations- I do my best to not sound like a recording- I often say, Hi instead of Hello, I try my best to be authentic so they know I’m a real person. Often there is a pause on their side – I think they are waiting to see if it’s a robo-call.


    • Thanks for the input, Helen, and thanks for being a listener to Take 2 With Jerry and Debbie. Sounds like you have a good way of handling things like this!


  2. I have heard phone scammers use the do not call list for good numbers to call because they know they are valid numbers. They know they won’t be prosecuted because there is no money for enforcement.


    • That’s probably true, Dave, that there is not much “bite” in the law. Authorities probably have a lot more important things to do. At least, we can hope they do 🙂


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