Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

How Do the Four Seasons Mirror the Spiritual Life?

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Do you live in a region where there are four distinct seasons? Perhaps you don’t, but you still love the different seasons as they change. It’s often said that the spiritual life is a lot like our earthly lives. We see in both – as mirrored in the changing seasons – dying, rising, sunshine, darkness, storms, calm, etc. Let’s have a lively conversation about this on Monday. Call with your take – 800-585-9396. Or text Jerry and Debbie by sending the letters EWTN to 55000.



I love the trees in the wintertime, when they stand bold against the sky
It almost seems like they’re waiting there for our Blessed Lord to pass by.

To renew their life, make them whole again, and clothe them in a beautiful array.
The same as he does with our precious souls when we turn after going astray. 

But we don’t have to wait for the Lord to come like the trees await the spring,
For he’s always there to welcome us back – no matter what transgressions we bring.

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