Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Should You Be Listening to THAT Song?


Music is a huge part of our daily lives. Everywhere we go, everywhere we turn, there is music playing. Whether it’s on a radio station, in the grocery store, at the gym or elsewhere, we’re inundated with various types of music every day. It’s easy to tap your toes and sing along without really giving a lot of thought to what the song might be saying. Or, the message may be very clear, but you find that you just like to listen to it. Like so many forms of media and entertainment, music can be a vehicle for both lifting our spirits toward God or tearing them down. On Tuesday, join Jerry and Debbie and share your take on how you guard your mind and heart with regard to the music you listen to.



3 thoughts on “Should You Be Listening to THAT Song?

  1. In listening to part of your broadcast it seems there was a lack of mentioning the “good” or “bad” of the musical beats, rhythms, and purposes of the sounds in addition to simply the lyrics. For example, someone called in with a liking of heavy metal music and you recommended some heavy metal bands that may lack the immoral lyrics found in that genre. But – I may be a bit judgmental in this statement – isn’t it also a valid question to ask why one is listening to this heavy music in the first place? This article comes to mind when I thought about this: https://instituteofcatholicculture.org/a-question-about-music-the-soul/


  2. Hi guys, I had a question but your phone line was busy. I’ve heard some folks close to me say that Hotel California by the Eagles is evil and was wondering if y’all – specifically Jerry (x-DJ) had any thoughts on this? Thanx a ton.


  3. I really enjoy your show.Today was insightful and interesting.I feel as though my music tastes have expanded as I’ve matured and been exposed to nearly new genres( for me), such as Puccini’s Aria’s ,and in my very early 20’s when I rediscovered the beauty of what I call ” my father’s music.” …The Great American Songbook( Ella Fitzgerald,Judy Garland,Tony Bennett,so many more.).I am 63 now,have a private consecration of celibacy after having to leave Monastic life before final vows due to very complex health problems.I love chant and many forms of Catholic inspired and Catholic-friendly worship music ,but can enjoy other things with discernment. Warmly,in the Sacred Heart,Monica D. From Massachusetts


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