Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

The Demise of the Olympic Games

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The 2016 Summer Olympic Games get underway on Friday, August 5. Do you believe the whole Olympic “brand” has changed over the years? A few things to consider: The debilitating debt that countries assume just for the “honor” of hosting the Olympics (and the fact that the billion-dollar facilities they build for the Olympics often are never used again); the all-too-frequent scandals involving the bribing of Olympic officials; the fact that it was once the global stage for young, unjaded amateur athletes, and is now mostly professionals; the mind-boggling prices that advertisers pay to be seen on network TV, in spite of falling viewership; performance-enhancing drug use, just to name a few. The Olympics most assuredly are not what they once were. Do you still watch? Do you still root hard for your home country? Do you think winning an Olympic medal means what it once did to the majority of athletes? Share your take on this provocative topic with Jerry and Debbie on Monday at Noon ET.




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