Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Growing Our Daily Bread


In teaching His disciples to pray, Jesus gave us the Our Father. It includes a request that God faithfully provide us with our “daily bread.” This can have multiple meanings, but taken at face value it’s a petition to our heavenly Father for the food we need to be sustained in life. On Friday, Jerry and Debbie will welcome Dale Artho and Wayne Cleveland to the show. They have long been involved in agriculture, and recognize the intimacy and importance of food in our lives. It’s very connected to our faith, and is a forceful reminder of the heavenly food that sustains our soul in the Eucharist. Tune in and hear these stewards of the land describe their “vocation” to help grow our daily bread.



3 thoughts on “Growing Our Daily Bread

  1. Great topic! Do have them back . . . God Bless


  2. Jerry n Debbie, thank you for the opportunity to be on your show. Hope and pray that your listeners enjoyed the topic. Dale


  3. It was a great show, Dale. Thanks again to you and Wayne for making time to join us.

    Jerry and Debbie


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