Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Proudly Wearing Your Faith


Are you comfortable with others knowing – perhaps at first glance – that you are a Christian? This can be in the way we dress, religious articles we display, praying in public, giving thanks to God for your blessings, and many others. This is not to be confused with making a “show” of our faith like the Pharisees did. And there can be a fine line between the two. What Jerry and Debbie will be talking about on Tuesday is simply living your faith publicly, and not dressing or acting differently because you’re ashamed to be counted among the followers of Jesus. Call early to be sure you get on the show with your take!



Wearing the Rosary as a Necklace


2 thoughts on “Proudly Wearing Your Faith

  1. Blessings Jerry and Debbie,

    I want you to know I am most grateful for your radio ministry and all that you both do for Holy Mother Church. I am a regular listener of your show and usually feel you are “right on” in helping all understand our faith and thus securing many in our faith. I pray for you both daily.

    I have prayed and also have read article that was posted online… I ask you to humbly consider my email. I wish to remain humble in expressing my thoughts….While I surely understand your point about not wearing a Rosary as a piece of jewelry without believing in its religious significance, and having a devotion… I believe very strongly Debbie that it was not a good practice to tell kids not to wear Rosary around their neck if they so wished to..
    Please consider the following:

    People will believe what they wish anyway,… But what if by wearing a Rosary around ones neck someone comes up to a Catholic who will explain the faith and the reason for that individual person wearing their Rosary?
    It may be the only time they hear about God, Mother Mary, Eucharist Confession and more… I much rather wear my Rosary in faith then worry about the other issue. To me it is far more damaging to not wear a Rosary, We then perhaps miss an opportunity to bring a person to the faith. What if the wearing of the Rosary brings a person to receive Eucharist in time? There is no greater gift then to lead a person to the Sacraments…Wearing a rosary around ones neck can be an often is a tool for evangelization and open dialogue…I have had a great deal of open dialogue, in this way countless times.To see it as a black and white issue as telling the kids not to wear Rosary is most sad and upsetting to me.

    It us a common practice for many Catholics within certain cultures to wear the Rosary, and many devout clergy also encourage it. It is also a constant reminder to me of its importance, while keeping it’s meaning close to me as well as keeping Satan and his bad Angels away.!Please revisit the issue spiritually Debbie…Is it not better to find the lost sheep, through the wearing of a Rosary around one’s neck, then not? A person’s salvation can depend on it. SMILE!

    It is not a matter of whether you agree with me or not…I wish to not be ashamed to ever express that I am a Catholic…It is not to boast of myself in anyway, ever but rather do speak in truth with or without words to bring people to the one true Catholic faith. Wearing a Rosary is a great gift, to me in so many ways, and I believe it can and does bring Glory To God and Mother Mary too, when they see many Catholics doing this,
    God Bless you at every moment.
    All For God And Mother Mary,


    • Barb,

      Thank you for your heartfelt comments and prayers. You are “keeping the conversation going” exactly how we envisioned the show to unfold. Your thoughts on this issue have instilled in me a greater desire to revisit this topic. Your words were so kind, passionate and full of your heart’s devotion to our Lord and His Mother. Your are an inspiration Barb and I am sure glad you are a regular listener to the show. Please keep the insights coming, along with your prayers. My only desire for the show is for souls to grow closer to God, and together, by the grace of God, it can be accomplished. So, thank you!

      Blessings Barb!



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