Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Our Country is Going to Pot


Just because marijuana is being legalized in one state after another does that mean it’s a good thing? Should it be used for medial purposes? What are the dangers of marijuana use? Can it lead to harder drugs? Why is it being legalized? For the tax money? To drug up the population? What does the Catechism of the Catholic Church say about smoking pot? Moral theologian Christian Brugger joins Jerry and Debbie to discuss this important topic – with your takes, too! – on Monday.

pot-t2-Christian Brugger




2 thoughts on “Our Country is Going to Pot

  1. the point of marijuana usage is to get high. users want to get and stay high. THC is a mood altering drug, and people who experience its effect learn quickly to do all in their power to maintain its effect all the time. the never not want to be high. at some point, they tire of the high and experiment with other mood altering drugs, always with the same goal to remain ‘feeling high’. again, their goal is to always remain ‘feeling high’. alcohol is a much similar drug, with difference being its only an injestible beverage. as such, taking in quantifies of it become a limited option. the mood becomes altered as the liver is unable to process the alcohol. beyond a certain point, the mind blacks out (the ultimate mood alteration.) anyway, THC is smoked, and not really subject to what the person can physically put into their body.


  2. Patrick,

    Thanks for your feedback. Should be an interesting show. We will have a moral theologian on with us. Hope you can tune in!

    Jerry and Debbie


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