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with Jerry & Debbie

Have You Been – or Are You In – a Long-Distance Relationship?

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Falling in love with someone who lives far from you is hardly a new phenomenon. It’s happened countless times throughout history. But, today, with technology, ease of transportation and many other factors involved, it’s easier and more common than ever for two people to attempt to make a relationship work with hundreds or thousands of miles between them. Are you in such a situation? Were you at one time? What are your takes on how well long-distance love affairs work out in the end. Share your experience about making decisions like where to live and raise a family, where to hold the wedding, etc. Join Jerry and Debbie and the world on Tuesday’s show at Noon and Midnight ET.long-distance


One thought on “Have You Been – or Are You In – a Long-Distance Relationship?

  1. My husband and I spent our entire “dating” relationship living about 100 miles apart. I think that really put the emphasis on communication early on, which looking back was so important. When it came time to become engaged, God made things VERY apparent to us. I had a very strong feeling that it was time to leave my job at the time (Even though I didn’t know where I was going or what job I would have next). Within a week of my resigning, we were engaged, but still living in different towns. My husband said, I will move anywhere, but I would like to find this kind of job for about this much pay, and I would really love to be close to a Catholic church. (He lived about 20 miles from a church at the time.) Needless to say, God provided. He got the exact pay he wanted in the line of work he wanted. The day I went for an interview in that city where he was set to begin working, I went apartment shopping for him. I called him from one apartment and said, “And get this. I am outside the apartment, and I can see the Catholic church one block away. THEN I asked the landlord if he had any other apartments for rent close by, and he had one a block away for me. It was for a year-long lease, but I told him I’d be leaving after 6 months because we were getting married. The landlord loved the fact that we were making the decision not to live together, said that “not enough people do that nowadays,” and allowed us to end that leave after 6 months. God is good!


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