Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

The Importance of Rest

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We all should be familiar with what’s known as the Sabbath. In the Old Testament, the People of God were exhorted to do no work, but to rest, on the seventh day of the week. Many Jews still observe that practice. God even mandated that the land be given a Sabbath every seven years. In fact, we see the perfect example of “rest” in the story of creation, when God “rested” on the seventh day. It’s been part of God’s plan since the beginning of time that all of his creation – especially humans – take time to rest, get refreshed, and honor Him by doing so. How good are you at taking a little “down time?” Does that “to do” list haunt you to the point that you aren’t able to grab a quick nap on Sunday, or even steal a few quiet moments during the week? Share your takes with Jerry and Debbie and the world on Tuesday’s show, which airs twice a day – Noon and Midnight ET – on EWTN Radio.



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