Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Teaching Your Kids to Pray

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Prayer is a person’s lifeline to God. It’s how we speak to Him, and how we listen to hear His voice. We discover so many things by talking to God in prayer: His will for our lives, how much He loves us, and much, much more. This accentuates how important it is that we learn to pray as early in life as possible. If you have kids, you want to train them in the ways of God by teaching them how to pray. This may take the form of basic repeated prayers when they’re very young, and develop into a more conversational style of communicating with God a bit later. On Monday, Jerry and Debbie welcome your takes on how you’ve taught – or plan to teach – your kids to pray. Join us!



A listener named Elizabeth called but didn’t get on the show today. She e-mailed to let us know about a Children’s Rosary movement. Here’s the information – http://childrensrosary.blogspot.com/. Thanks, Elizabeth




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