Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Making Christ the King of our Life!

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We just celebrated the Feast of Christ the King this past Sunday.  Making Christ the King of our life can be challenging at times due to our human nature.  Today, we will discuss on Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie just how we can make Christ our King totally and completely.  Share your “take” with us, we need you to have the conversation.  1-800-585-9396 is the number to call, while on hold, you can listen to the show, so you won’t miss a thing.  See you soon!



One thought on “Making Christ the King of our Life!

  1. Christ is King of my life, I get that, I really do. But how do I make ‘King’ a relevant word in my life? Americans don’t have Kings. We revolted against kings and royalty. Unfortunately, it appears that we’ve allowed politicians to reclaim royalty status, at least from time
    to time. But in our public square, we need not even like our politicians. We can even vote against ‘the guvuhment’. Ought we think in
    terms of Christ is our President? That doesn’t seem right, as there are many nations who have presidents…which is which? The King of Kings concept is about as close as I think it gets in todays analogy. As we are parishinors en route to the Lord (another word that only has context within christianity…’lords’ with ‘subjects’ is a tough concept for Americans to grasp. In church, I answer to ‘the Lord’,
    but how to get a strong concept of answering to the Christ when day-to-day, its more like ‘the law of the land’ and ‘the government’ are to whom we answer everywhere except ‘inside the walls of the church’, and more likely, ‘inside the walls of the church we attend’. It feels like ‘worshiping’ two seperate deities…the president/or official(s) in charge and the Triune God. Then there’s always
    that which Samual Langhorn Clemons wrote about…”Christians are the only ones with the one true religion. Several of them.” (or words to that effect….) And with the supreme court weighing in, we all have the right to our own concept of the universe. When rights seem to clash, the judge decides. Who needs a president, much less a politician? How do I/we make ‘King’ a relevant word?


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