Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Are You a Fan of Novenas?


A novena is a set of prayers that typically span nine days (the Latin root of the word novena means nine) and are often focused on obtaining help for a particular intention. Do you have one that’s your “go-to” novena when you need special help from God, from Jesus, from Our Blessed Mother? Let Jerry and Debbie – and the world – know about it on Tuesday’s show, Noon and Midnight ET!




3 thoughts on “Are You a Fan of Novenas?

  1. ENJOY your Program Immensely, !!!

    It has brought me comfort &joy, so, in Thanksgiving I wanted to share a favorite prayer for your program “Are you a Fan of Novenas?”

    I say it daily, I have found it useful – ‘to drive the lingering influence of Satan away…’.

    I think it will be helpful for your listeners and our country during these troubled TIMES.

    It is at the following web site. – Once again Thanks to you, and all your listeners. EMJ – Boston, Ma @ Station of the Radio

    Prayer of Exorcism by Pope Leo XIII – Marian…

    Prayer of Exorcism by Pope Leo XIII … that anyone can pray to ask Our Lord to drive the lingering influence of Satan … EXORCISM OF SATAN AND THE FALLEN ANGELS


  2. Hello! Of course I say novenas. But I have a question. Father Apostoli said on his program that Blessed Mother Theresa said Express Novena which prayed nine Memorares. Father didn’t explain the nine memorares. Please explain what Blessed Mother Theresa’s Memorares were? This is an ideal prayer/novena for urgency for sure. Thank you. Blessings. Mary Jane D’Annibale


  3. Hi Guys,

    Please let me share my two novenas for you and how they came about.

    Back in 2011 I was slightly depressed from the financial woes of unemployment, student loans, and a breakup. I prayed my Novena to father Francis Xavier Truong Buu Diep – a Shepard whom died for his sheep back in 1946 [though he was in hiding, came out of the hiding place and was willing to die if the officials would leave the Catholics that were with him alone] .

    I said the prayers for 9 days for: 1) A stable job and 2) a girlfriend/wife. This was around June 2011.

    I got into an interview and acceptance for a technician job as contractor on (12/20) of that year. To my surprise, the day after (12/21) my dad had invited me to his company’s end of the year party because my mom’s knee was sore. At the party that I didn’t plan to attend – was where I met my girlfriend as well. It was too good to be true! The two miracles I have asked for happened a day apart.

    Last year, I felt compelled to attend church often due to my mortal sins and prayed to the “Little Flower” to help me find the ways. The next day, when I went to church.. all I can smell was roses in the church, though there were no sign of roses anywhere. I felt she reminded me of God’s compassion, and I walked into the confessional—and confessed my mortal sins that I’ve held inside my heart for 5+ years. I smell roses throughout the mass that day…God’s love is amazing!

    Today is also the feast day of the Vietnamese Martyrs – also the reason why I wanted to tell about Francis Xavier Truong Buu Diep (who bring many miracles to the non-Catholics and Catholics alike).

    Trent Nguyen


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