Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

How Has Being a Caregiver Helped or Changed Your Life?

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Each of at will, at some point in our lives, find ourselves providing some type of “care” for another person. In some instances, it becomes a long term situation in which you are responsible for a great deal of the other person’s overall well being. If you find, or have found, yourself in such circumstances, how has it impacted you? It’s often said that caregivers are the last ones to take care of themselves, and they can at times end up needing their own significant support after years of self-neglect. Others find a way to balance their responsibilities to another person by arranging for help, taking time off, and so forth. This will be an important conversation between you and Jerry and Debbie. Call with your takes at Noon ET. And listen for the encore broadcast at Midnight ET!

carer helps her elderly pactient by making sure she eats her a meal

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