Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Gratitude for our clergy and religious


If you have ever wanted to thank the world for that special priest, sister or deacon in your life, today is your day!  Wednesday, on Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie we will be honorinthH6CJHRU2g all the clergy and religious that have answered the call to serve God and to serve all of us, in religious formation.  Jerry and I have so many we wish to thank, that have inspired us and truly was Christ to us.  If you have a special person that shaped your spiritual life, call in and thank the world for them….1-800-585-9396   



4 thoughts on “Gratitude for our clergy and religious

  1. Thank you to Father Francis in Ft. Worth Texas, Cursillo Center for helping me make the biggest step in my life towards our Lord also a huge thanks to Deacon Pete Rodriguez for sharing his love for our Lord with Our Lady of Lourdes parish.


  2. Want to thank our priests in Diocese of Peoria who give their all with heart & love of God & church.
    Bishop Jenky who is so Joyful, provides programs with top notch presenters, visits parishes when he can, & stands up on issues- been quoted on EWTN…
    Msgr. Merdian who brought me into the church, taught me to serve & grow in faith. Salesian Fr. Santa, Dave & Bill & Sr. Loretta, very joyful & people oriented.
    Remembering them on Fathers/Mothers Day, their BD, Feast Days, tired & when they give extra time- stay after mass to hear confession, answer questions…
    Pray for them every mass & day.


  3. My thanks go firstly to my mum and dad for their examplary way of life when bringing me and my other four siblings, and to Saint George Preca, Founder of M.U.S.E.U.M., a Maltese Cathechistic Society where my parents sent me during my formative years, a time and strong Catholic formation never forgotten.


  4. Thank the Lord for Father Mathias Thelan who inspired me to get back to my religion…since that day everything just keeps getting better! God bless you Father Mathias!!!!!!


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