Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

“Mall People”


OK, so you don’t have a clue what our topic will be on Friday. Neither do I, more or less. But Debbie does. And, hey, if Debbie knows what we’re going to talk about, that’s good enough for me. Our topic will be “Mall People.” Are you one of them? Have you seen them? What characterizes them? Who are they? Have they come with special instructions to….well…tune in Friday to share your take about “Mall People!”



Eucharistic Flash Event


2 thoughts on ““Mall People”

  1. Jerry, you are hilariously funny! I appreciate your confidence in me and this ever important topic of “Mall” people… Let me reassure you that after today’s show…we may never look at the Mall or our shopping experiences the same way… Maybe,just maybe, we may look at the Mall as Jesus would have, if they were around during his ministry days. If you are a “people watcher” I am counting on you to call in with your take. I know once I reveal the “definition” of Mall People, you will have a story we can all learn from…Ok, enough hints for now…just 2 more hours and the wait will be over. Look at this as a mini lesson in patience…;-) talk to you real soon! bye for now!


  2. here is a cool surprise eucharistic flash done at a high school: http://youtu.be/BTlKPejs7rw


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