Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

When You Lose a Child


Thursday’s show will be both challenging and rewarding. We’ll talk about what it’s like when you lose a child, when one of your kids passes away. We can even discuss what you do when you “spiritually” lose a child, when one of your sons or daughters strays from the faith and places his or her soul in danger of eternal death. A very special blessing is planned for you. Jeff Burson, EWTN social media expert (who handles all the social media for our show), will join us to share what he went through when he lost his 20-year old daughter. If you’ve traveled this painful road, you will not want to miss this show. And, please, if you have experienced this, and it’s not too difficult for you to do so, please call with your take on this very important topic. You can’t imagine how many people you will impact by sharing your experience.

Lost Child


3 thoughts on “When You Lose a Child

  1. My Dad died in 1986 at the age of 50 from lung cancer. I remember at the funeral home my Mom was hugging my Grandma – Dad’s Mom – and my Grandma was saying how sorry she was. My Mom looked her in the eye and said “Mom, I lost a husband, but you lost a son!” That has stayed with me all of these years.


  2. I lost my one and only son 7 yrs ago when I was 8 months pregnant. It still hurts up to now, especially when I watch t.v. and learn about a child being abused, neglected, abandoned, etc. – it hurts and it reminded me of my loss. Why do parents take their child for granted when they are lucky enough to have one?

    Although because of my faith, I never questioned God why it happened? I actually had a premonition before I lost my son but I did not try to distract me. I still remember where I wax when a voice inside me said “if Mary was able to give up her Son to redeem the world, why can’t you?

    I am definitely no Mary and my son is not Jesus, but for me it was a privilege to be asked to sacrifice my own happiness in exchange of a reward which is more than happiness of a mother to have a child: an assurance that my child will be in heaven!

    I was told in my prayers that there was an emergency in heaven and they needed my son to be there. I know he is in a better place. Because of my faith, I learned to accept that my son is gone. It is God’s will, although it hurts, I accepted it with my whole heart.

    I know losing my child doesn’t mean that God me less, although a lot of people would ask God, what they did to deserve such loss?

    I know God loves me and the more I suffer, the more I am closer to Him. I’d rather suffer here on earth but find bliss after my physical death, hopefully, with my son in heaven!


  3. The man that talked about his son that fell out of the car was so sad and I cried. When you lose a child through tragedy it makes it worse. I had my son 31 years which I am so glad for. To lose a small child in a tragedy is so hard, I will pray for everyone telling their story. Someone said when our child leaves here with a short life, God makes up for it in heaven with special blessings. 🙂

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