Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

“Tony Tony let’s go!”


st anthony“Tony Tony let’s go!” is the comical line used to describe the close relationship some of us have to St. Anthony, the finder of lost things.  Seriously though, many of us have said the prayer, Dear St. Anthony please come around, there’s something lost and must be found.  Have you said that prayer?  Do you believe that St Anthony helps people find things? Is asking St. Anthony to find things an act of devotion to this great saint?  Today, we will look at this amazing saint and why so many of us call him our friend in Heaven.



5 thoughts on ““Tony Tony let’s go!”

  1. St Anthony has been so good to us. We were blessed years ago to go to St Anthony’s Basilica in Padua but probably didn’t appreciate it as much as we should have. Our first born is named Anthony and that is a story as well.
    about a year ago my son who was 9 at the time lost his little ipod 5th generation. he was so sad as he looked after his things so well but we had been away on trip and somehow it went missing. We prayed to St Anthony often but I feel looking back they were flippant on the go prayers…maybe I didn’t take it as serious as i normally would. I searched the house on a regular schedule over and over. 6 months went by and one day my son started to cry. he said he was sad he would never find his ipod. My heart broke for him. at that moment I prayed very sincerely to St. Anthony and asked for his intercession. Immediately i was pulled into my bedroom, opened the door to my dresser which i searched hundred of times. opened a book from the shelf and the ipod fell on my foot!! i felt like he was teaching me a lesson.


  2. Michele,

    Wow, what a BEAUTIFUL story! And a great lesson for all of us. Persevere. Be patient. Trust God in all things large and small. I’m sure your son whose iPod was returned was so grateful – and learned a great deal about the saints in the process. God is good!


  3. Jerry and Debbie, I have to let you know that St. Anthony was at work during the hour of your show on July 8, 2015. My story starts a few months back when my wife lost a car key. We searched thoroughly for it, all while asking St. Anthony for assistance. I hesitate to say this, but I think I may have chalked this one up as the first time St. Anthony did not come through for me. We had not found the key, but it was not a drastic loss because we started out with three keys to the car, so we still had two left. Months passed and we forgot about the lost key. Fast forward to today: I was listening to your program (7-8-15) and hearing all the wonderful testimonies from you and your callers. Several times you mentioned that St. Anthony will help with more than finding, specifically, car keys. As a side note: My family is currently in the process of praying intensely for a dear family member whose picture I happen to have in my car, the car in which I was listening to your program. So, nudged by the comment that St. Anthony can help with things other than car keys, I lifted the picture of my dear family member and prayed that St. Anthony may help him find his way back to the Lord. No sooner had I finished the prayer, when a special call came through on your program. It was from a man named David from Steubenville. David had suggested that we ask St. Anthony to pray for lost souls. What a powerful comment; a comment that struck me instantly because I had done just that thing the moment before David called. Nice, but what happened next amazed me. Within minutes of David’s phone call, my own phone rang. It was my wife who had such a delighted tone in voice. “Guess what.” she said. I could not begin to know what, so she told me. “I found the key,” she said. “The car key that I lost months ago.” St. Anthony did not let me down after all. It’s my opinion that he was simply waiting for the prime opportunity to make a strong statement about God’s love. He may have been telling me that he is there to help me with insignificant car keys. I am certain that he was telling me that I can trust him especially with more significant tasks such as helping us and our loved ones when we are lost, if we only ask him to do so. I trust that he will do that for our family. How do I know that? Because I asked him to. Thanks for the great opportunity to experience St. Anthony’s love. This story would not have occurred if not for your program.


    • Tom…this is Debbie…I burst into tears reading your post…WOW….that is all I can say! The LOVE God has for us is so immense and to think we have great saints like St Anthony as our dear friend…
      I cannot express this enough…from the bottom of my heart…thank you for taking the time and sharing your story! It touched me deep into my soul and reaffirmed the fact that we have an entire family of saints helping us to grow closer to God in trust and love…Wow again!!! Have a blest day!


  4. I can’t say it any better than Debbie did. Praise God that he is using a little radio show like ours to emphasize what I believe is the most important lesson anyone can learn – that God loves you. Thanks, Tom



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