Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie


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Corrected audio:

It was a lively discussion on the program today about the Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage across the United States. We especially appreciated the contribution of Fr. Paul Check, director of Courage (www.couragerc.org). He helped us come to a deeper understanding of the need to approach this important and sensitive subject with compassion, and shared with us that it is the mission of Courage to be of assistance to those whose “voices are not heard,” the men and women who wish to live in accordance with Church teaching and divine law, in spite of their struggles with a same-sex attraction. Let’s all remember that even though this is a passionate, hot-button issue, we should approach it, not as an “us versus them” battle, but as one that involves other human beings, in many cases our relatives, neighbors, co-workers and friends. While never compromising the truth – which, alone, can set a person free – if we enter into the conversation with anything but love and a concern for both the earthly and eternal well-being of those who disagree with the Church, we have immediately gotten off on the wrong foot. Most of all, let’s pray for minds and hearts to be enlightened as to the will of God, especially as it concerns the ancient and unchangeable institution of marriage.


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