Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Homeless Youth – Monday

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If you were hoping to share your take about youth homelessness on today’s show, we’re sure you can understand why we switched gears to another topic. But, don’t worry, we’ll have the important discussion about kids on the streets on Monday. Be praying about and pondering your take to share with the world. In the meantime, have a blessed weekend!

One thought on “Homeless Youth – Monday

  1. I pray you will repeat some of the most wonderful topics like this one today! Where I have not experienced homelessness, our granddaugher came to us at the age of 7 because her mother was living out of a car and her father was not in a good position to take her. We raised her for 10 years – she is now a sophomore in college and even on the dean’s list. She asked us many years ago where she would be if we had not allowed her to stay in our home…what a blessing she has been.
    This has led me to wanting to start a support group for grandparents raising grandchildren – which exists under other names around the country.
    In any case, I agree with everyone today that we must become more aware and really live our faith, not just profess it, and reach out to others as Jesus did. And with tomorrow’s topic, hasn’t everyone faced challenges, including Jesus himself, when trying to reach out? When doing’ God’s work?
    Great work, both of you, in promoting awareness!!!

    God bless~


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