Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Exercise- What if this was the last day of your life…

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Hi, this is Debbie and I promised to post the exercise we described on Tuesday’s show… The entire guidelines and ground rules for the exercise is about 2 pages long…I am going to post just an overview of the exercise and if you want to use it in your religious education program…please email me and I will send the entire exercise…

This exercise can be done by children, teens or adults… Based on the maturity of the child, please make sure you obtain parents approval.  Also, at any time participants may opt out of the exercise for any reason.

Basically the exercise works like this…Participant picks a day to do the exercise… No one is to know other than the participant that they are doing an exercise.  If others are aware it may change the effect or alter the outcome.  This exercise is designed to allow the participant to grow spiritually and become aware of just how precious life is and that we never know the hour or day that God will call us home…

Have the participant remind themselves several times a day that this is an exercise… Have them wake up in the morning and act as if they knew this was the last day of their life… Keep in mind that this exercise should be positive and produce an uplifting feeling. If at any time this exercise becomes depressing or ignites strong fears, please have the participant opt out of the rest of the exercise.

At the end of the day ask the participant to journal their experience.  What they learned.  How it changed them.  How they felt throughout the day. The response of others they encountered. If they wanted to tell people they were doing an exercise. What were the surprises for the day?  What lasting effects do they think the exercise will have?

Then ask the family members or friends around the participant to give their feedback.  Did they know something was different about this person?  Did they realize it was an exercise?  Could they see a change in the persons face?

Final debriefing… Ask the participants the ultimate question… Would they like to live like this the rest of their life?  As if it was possibly their last day…the answers are nothing short of amazing!

Again, this is the brief overview of the spiritual exercise designed to bring forth a greater truth about life….If you want the entire exercise for your personal use or your church program, I am happy to provide you the long form and also offer assistance on how best to administer the exercise to produce the most effective learning experience…

Remember Live in the Moment, because Life is Precious! 


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