Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Are You an Overachiever?


Thursday, Debbie and I will anticipate your takes on the question, “Are You an Overachiever?” If so, is that a good thing, or a bad thing? What leads people to reach beyond their natural skills and abilities? Or, is it even possible to “overachieve?” Shouldn’t we strive in all that we do to excel and bring glory to God? Lots of great questions – and your takes – Thursday!

overachiever two overachiever


4 thoughts on “Are You an Overachiever?

  1. I agree with everything that Maureen in New Jersey except the part that the U.S. is failing in Math, etc. The results posted by other countries about their Math scores, etc. are not compared correctly with the U. S. It’s not apples to apples or oranges to organs…I would invite her to look into how other countries results are tabulated versus how the U. S. ranking is tabulated. We are actually doing ok…if you compare apples to apples


    • Thanks for jumping into the conversation, anonymous! Keep listening to the show, and don’t hesitate to call with your take on an upcoming topic!



  2. Hi guys! As I listen to the show today, I can completely relate! As an early over-achiever, I felt the responsibility to use the gifts God gave me… right from Confirmation. I quickly scaled through my career and personal goals. My take away is this… I learned from a humbling lesson from God… that my responsibility to use my gifts and do “good important” work is still secondary to keeping God first in my life. I achieved quickly from a classroom teacher to a Principal and then District administration (resp for over 96 schools) by age 30. Raising great kids and a nurtured marriage was also and important goal. Yet it is critical in achieving in these things to be the best version of ourselves that we ALWAYS keep God first in each of these. Even in doing God’s work, we can forget to keep our relationship with God as highest priority.


    • Great to hear from you, Heidi. Sounds like you have done some great things in your young life. Your take on keeping God first in all things is a great reminder to all of us. May the Lord continue to lead you to great things!

      Jerry and Debbie


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