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Not “Home For the Holidays”

Next Tuesday is Christmas Day. Over the course of our lives, we get accustomed to celebrating this blessed holiday in certain ways, and with certain people. But the circumstances of life can alter who we are with. A spouse, parent or loved one may be deployed and away from home at Christmas. Perhaps you’ve recently lost someone dear to you, and this will be your first Christmas without them. Maybe you recently moved to a different part of the country, and won’t be able to make it home to be with family and good friends. If you will be missing the company of important people this year at Christmas, take this opportunity to share how much they mean to you, and how much you wish they were with you to celebrate the birth of Jesus.


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Wasted Worrying

Even though Jesus admonishes us that we can’t change a single thing by worrying, it’s a part of everyone’s life. Some worry more, others less. And, of course, there are things we all face that cause us to worry more than other things. Invariably, we all experience times when we’ve fretted over something that ended up going very well. A medical report. A job interview. An exam in high school or college. A meeting with the boss. A work review. A loved one’s travels. The list is endless of the things we may have lost sleep over, which turned out much better than we had feared. Share when this has happened to you. Your experience could save many others a lot of wasted worrying.

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When Did Santa Claus Become St. Nicholas For You?

Generations of us have grown up believing that an overweight, white-bearded man slid down our chimney (even if our house didn’t have one) and delivered all the toys that were under the tree on Christmas morning. Eventually, we reached an age where we knew the truth about Santa Claus. When did this happen for you? How did you react when you got the news? When you became a parent, how did you handle the “Santa” situation in your family? Did you bypass the jolly old man and simply teach your kids about St. Nicholas instead? Should Christians even perpetuate the myth of Santa Claus? Isn’t it just another way that the world has hijacked something sacred and made it profane? Let us hear from you Wednesday on this sometimes-controversial topic.


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You Can Cut the Tension with a Knife

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We are one week away from Christmas day and things in the home can get hectic.  Is there tension filling your household when there should be laughter and hot chocolate? This can be a common occurrence and one we should talk about so that our homes can be filled with joy again.  Our homes should be our sanctuary, yet many homes are filled with an underlying tension that can be exhausting.  During the holidays, tensions can rise, but if this kind of tension is present year round that can be even more destructive long-term to the family.  Let’s talk about things we can do to alleviate tension and bring peace back into our dwelling places. Share your wisdom on this subject so we can learn and grow…1-833-288-3986.


Truth and Consequences

It’s sure to happen to everyone. Maybe even multiple times in your life. And we usually experience it for the first time at a very young age. We face the dilemma of either telling the truth, which could cost us something, or lying or making excuses in order to avoid such a loss. Of course, as we mature and – God-willing – grow in virtue, we want to always tell the truth. But human nature being what it is, when we do something wrong the temptation can easily arise to try to wiggle our way out of it by being less than forthright. This could include things like being found out that you lied on your resume, facing an audit by the IRS, being asked by a teacher if you cheated on an exam, and many others. There’s something refreshing about telling the truth in such circumstances, even if it costs us something we may have dearly wanted. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever managed to “come clean” when it would have been much easier to take the soft road? Let’s talk about this on Monday.

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How’s Your Advent Going?

We are over half way through Advent. How is it going for you? Are you preparing for the birth of our Lord and Savior? What are you doing in your home that shows that you are definitely in the season of Advent? This is an exciting time for us as Christians. But how many of us use this time for profound spiritual growth? On Friday, let’s talk about how we can still make the most of Advent.

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How Do You Relate to Mary?

Wednesday is the Feast of Our Lady Of Guadalupe. Our Blessed Mother is so special that each of us develops a unique understanding and relationship with her. Describe for us your personal journey with Mary, and how it has grown over the years. Maybe you are not sure where to place her in your spiritual life. Share that as well, and let’s see if we can learn about our Blessed Mother together.

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