Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

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A New Day

The Bible tells us that God’s mercies are new every morning. Each new day is like a blank piece of paper. You can write on it as you wish for a better future. Your outlook and determination will help shape your future – not just the coming hours, but well beyond that. Getting excited about each new day is the key to future success on many levels. When you rise in the morning, is your day planned out so as to bring you the highest level of success and enjoyment? To further shape you into the “best version of yourself?” Let’s talk about this on Wednesday.

T2- 2-27-19 --new day


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I Saw the Light!

On Monday, Jerry and Debbie will entertain your takes on any Church teaching on which you’ve at one point changed your mind. There are the moral issues – abortion, contraception, end-of-life, etc. – and, of course, there are myriad theological teachings of the Church that people at times struggle with. Maybe for you it was a teaching on Mary, the pope, the male-only priesthood, Purgatory or something else. Was there a time in your life when you either struggled with or simply didn’t accept a definitive teaching of the Church, only to “see the light” and change your mind? We hope you will join us with your phone calls, e-mails, social media comments and texts.

T2- 2-13-19 - change mind

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Have Tears Been Cleansing For You?

It’s been said that, “Into every life a little rain must fall.” Similarly, no one can make it through life without shedding some tears. For some of us, that means many tears. Tears of sadness. Tears of grief. Tears of pain. Tears of joy. Tears of gratitude. Many studies have pointed to the cleansing power of crying tears. If there’s been a time in your life – maybe more than one time – when you found yourself shedding multitudes of tears, are you now able to look back and say that those difficult periods brought cleansing to your soul? Let’s talk about this on Wednesday.

T2- 2-20-19- tears


Ladies, Tell Us How You Thrive in Your Faith

T2- 2-149-19 --female-spirit.jpg

Ok ladies, it is your turn to share with the world how you thrive in your faith.  The men did an outstanding job yesterday inspiring and encouraging us with their personal faith practices.  Now it is time to focus on the women of faith.  Please call us Tuesday and share with the rest of the world your recipe for spiritual success. We are not asking you to boast about your prayer life, but rather to let us in on how you have deepened your relationship with God. We can all benefit from what you are willing to share.  1-833-288-EWTN