Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

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Mother Angelica, Part II

It’s only appropriate that two days away from the 39th anniversary of the launch of EWTN, we will do a part two of our Wednesday conversation about Mother Angelica, EWTN’s beloved foundress. If you were on the line at the end of Wednesday’s show, be sure to tell our call screener, Ryan, and he will move you up in the order. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to share your memories of Mother Angelica.

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Annoying People

T2 Aug 11 2020- Annoy-people

Let’s face it, people can sometimes get on our nerves…How do you handle these situations?  Do you avoid these types of people?  Or do you work on the virtues of charity and patience when interacting with these folks? Let’s talk about this and see if we can come away a little bit changed, a little bit closer to God.  1-833-288-3986

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Who’s Your “Hidden” Hero?

Everyone knows people who are just selfless and tireless in serving others…They don’t get noticed, they don’t want attention, they just go about being Christ-like to those around them, without the world ever really knowing who they are…Who is this in your life? Share with the world that special person, that unsung hero, you would like to recognize and praise on Friday’s Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie. 1-833-288-3986

T2 Aug 7 2020- hero

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Turning Them Over to God

We all know and love people we’d like to see walking more closely with God and the Church. We do all we can to help them, but often to no avail. Sometimes we run out of ideas or energy, or simply realize that God alone can truly help them. Who’s someone in your life you’ve had to entrust completely to God? We’re sure you’ll have a take on Thursday’s show, so be sure to join us.

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Do You Have Difficulty Forgiving Yourself?

We’ve discussed this topic before, and it elicited a lot of very poignant and impactful takes on the program. On Wednesday, Jerry and Debbie invite you to once again pray about calling in and sharing whether or not you find it hard to forgive yourself. This can be very damaging to one’s overall personal growth, as it keeps us “stuck” in our past and our mistakes. It’s also a subtle form of pride, as we’re saying that we welcome the forgiveness of God, the Church and other people, but cannot – for whatever reason – forgive ourselves. Let’s dive deeply into this conversation on Wednesday.

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If They Could See Me Now

Conversion is a lifelong process. As we make that all-important journey, we change many of our behaviors, friends, habits, hangouts, etc. As you look back at your life before you took your faith seriously, would the people you knew and spent time with recognize you now? Sometimes we change so much – hopefully for the better – that we end up losing many of those friends and things we used to do. If you have some thoughts on this, be sure to call and share them with Jerry and Debbie, and the world, on Tuesday’s show.

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The Power of Prayer!


Debbie and Jerry ask listeners whom they are praying for and take #prayer requests. These are some of the prayer needs on today’s Take 2: prayers for the conversion of my Uncle, for four people in my life suffering from cancer, my wife just took our 8 kids, I need a #miracle for our daughter, and my son needs encouragement and help in finding a job.