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Attitude of Gratitude

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Let’s all start off 2018 with an attitude of gratitude.  Did you know that there are many benefits in life that are gained from having a grateful disposition?  On Monday, we will explore all the health and relationship advantages we can obtain by developing a grateful heart. Call in and share your practical techniques for maintaining a sense of gratitude for everything and anything in life.  This will be a great discussion with your participation.  Call in to 1-800-585-9396.



How Do You Unplug?

On Friday, Jerry and Debbie want to hear your takes on how you “unplug” from the fast-paced world we live in. Sure, it can be things like taking a few minutes of quiet time in the morning, at lunch or in the evening. Or immersing yourself in a good book. Or going to the gym. Those will all be fine. But we invite you to share how you may at times choose to go even deeper in getting away from it all. Do you love the great outdoors? Do you like to escape on a hunting, camping or fishing trip? Perhaps you make regular retreats or pilgrimages. Whatever it is that helps you recharge your physical and spiritual batteries, we want to hear about it and be inspired!


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Who Are You?

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Every human being is in search of his or her identity. We are each created by an all-powerful, all-loving God for a particular purpose in His overall plan. Some people understand this on a conscious level. For others, it’s perhaps subconscious, but no less real. Maybe the most asked question of all time – again, either intentionally or not – is “Who am I?” How would you answer that question in a few short words? A beloved son or daughter of God? The husband or wife of…? A member of the (insert name here) family? A forgiven sinner? Someone with a particular vision or mission to accomplish in life? Share with us your personal statement that sums up your identity at this point in your life. Call us 1-800-585-9396.


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I’d Take Your Place

The ultimate sign of love, as Jesus said in the Bible, is for one “to lay down his life for a friend.” Some people are literally given that opportunity in life. Others wish they could take the place of a sick or dying person. Have you ever known someone with whom you would trade places? Maybe it was a dying spouse, sibling or friend. Maybe it was a stranger you knew had “more to live for” than you felt you did. Of course, we usually can’t take someone’s place in such a situation. But the desire to do so is very noble. Let’s talk about this impactful topic on Wednesday.



Whom Are You Praying For?

Jerry and Debbie are back on Tuesday with their first live show of 2018. And we want to kick off the new year by inviting the world to pray for your special intentions. We’ve offered this show many times in the past, and you always come strong with your prayer intentions. It may be someone’s health, an employment situation, a relationship that needs mending, you name it. It’s your show, so be sure to call and allow us to share with the world whatever it is that you are praying for!


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Holiday Unscripted

On Friday, Jerry and Debbie welcome your takes, comments, questions and insights on anything that’s on your mind or in your heart. About once a month we present what we call our “Unscripted” show. We don’t come with a specific topic. Rather, we let you set the table by calling and bringing up anything you’d like. This time, we want your takes on the holidays, how yours are going, if you got everything you wanted for Christmas, if you didn’t want or need anything in particular, etc. You can submit a conversation about cultural issues, current events, news items or anything going on in your life. We look forward to hearing from you!

Spiritual Communion Prayer 


Stephen Ray- Crossing the Tiber​
Jennifer Fulwiler- Something Other than God

You set the table on our Holiday Unscripted show on Friday.