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Which Comes First?


A person must have an encounter with Jesus before he or she is going to be open to catechesis, i.e. the teachings, the practices, the beliefs of the Church. There are many times when we try it the other way around, and it never really takes root in the lives of those we’re trying to bring to faith.  We are asking the question, which should come first, evangelization or catechesis? Keep in mind, that an encounter with Jesus simply can be the first time a person meets a Christian.  We are all called to be Christ in this world. Here is another question to ponder, is there too much instruction and not enough action when it comes to Christianity?  Lots to unpack on this Easter Monday and with your help this will be a fruitful discussion.  Call in to 1-800-585-9396 and help guide the show with your wisdom.

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What Was Jesus’ Worst Suffering?

Jesus suffered in many ways. All of his life was spent knowing that He was ultimately headed to the Cross. That must have been a burden that He carried throughout His life. He also suffered in many ways once His passion began. This included looking out over Jerusalem, seeing Mary, the agony in the garden, His betrayal by Judas, the abandonment by His disciples, being arrested, spending a night alone before His trial, the trial itself, the scourging, crowning with thorns, carrying His cross, the crucifixion, etc. Which part of Jesus’ suffering do you think was the most difficult? Which do you most resonate or identify with? Which would you console Him in if you had the chance? Call Jerry and Debbie with your take on Holy Thursday.



Are Temptations Your Friends?

Jesus said in the gospel that temptations are sure to come. He added, “Woe to the one through whom they come.” In other words, life cannot be lived without temptation. When we think about it, giving in to temptation leads us away from God. Resisting temptation helps us build our spiritual muscles and grow in virtue. Thus, temptations, while no one loves or welcomes them, can be our “friends.” Do you view them this way? Or do you feel helpless in the face of temptations? Do you feel if you’ve experienced temptation that you’ve sinned? There is a distinction between the two. Share your take on Wednesday with Jerry and Debbie.


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Does a Particular Sin Weary or Discourage You?



It seems from human experience that God allows certain temptations and sin patterns to be especially difficult for people to overcome. For one person, it might be lying. For another, gossiping. Another person might struggle mightily to avoid pornography or other forms of sexual impurity. Someone else might display their anger, even though they know it’s not healthy and they want more than anything to move beyond it. Are there times when you cry out to God and ask, “Why won’t you remove this thorn from my flesh?” We have St. Paul as an example that there are instances where God says no, He won’t take away our particular weakness, but instead calls us to rely on His grace, which Scripture assures us is “sufficient” for dealing with it.

Let’s talk about this and more by calling, 1-800-585-9396.  Jerry is traveling on Tuesday so call in to keep Debbie company. 😉

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Was it really better left unsaid?


In all human relationships, we want to share what’s on our heart with others. Unfortunately, our own fears, uncertainties, etc., sometimes keep us from speaking our minds. Not necessarily to be mean to others. It can be at the bedside of a dying parent, with whom you want dearly to make peace about a certain situation. Or perhaps when a boss wants us to go in a direction we’d rather not go. Life is full of moments when we bite our tongues, only to later wish we had said what we were thinking at the time. Share if this has been your experience, by calling 1-800-585-9396.

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I’m Glad I Didn’t Say That!

James 3:9 says, “With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing.” One of the most difficult human disciplines is holding back words when we’re inclined to say something. When have you exercised this patience and caution, and quickly realized that what you didn’t say could have injured someone else or your relationship with that individual? Share your take on this with Jerry and Debbie on Friday’s show.


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The Ten Commandments Cover a Multitude of Sins

In 1 Peter 4:8, our first pope writes that “love covers a multitude of sins.” He’s referring to how our love for others is pleasing to God and can help to atone for our sins. The Ten Commandments also “cover” a multitude of sins, but in the sense that there are countless sins that fall within the parameters of each of the commandments. This is so important to know, so that we can be aware of how serious certain actions are, and can work to eliminate them from our lives. Join Jerry and Debbie – and their guest, Fr. Thomas Petri, O.P. – for a discussion about this on Thursday.