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What One-Time Liability Has Become a Strength For You?

It might have been a physical handicap. Perhaps you weren’t the brightest student in your class. Maybe you used to be really shy and afraid to appear or speak in public. Things change in life, and often what were once liabilities for us become great strengths. Has this happened to you? If so, by all means, call and share your experience on Tuesday’s show. As always, what you share will surely inspire and bless many others who are listening, including some who may feel right now that something is hindering them from being the best they can be. They may learn from you how to turn that into one of their greatest assets.

T2- 02-11-19-Liability

Resources suggested by listeners from the show on 2/6/2019- What Does Your Soul Like to “Eat?”

Lift Up Your Heart: A Guide to Spiritual Peace by Fulton J. Sheen

Perfectly Yourself by Matthew Kelly

Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly

Mystical City of God by Mary of Agreda

Interior Freedom by Fr. Jacques Philippe

Time for God by Fr. Jacques Philippe

33 Days to Morning Glory by Fr. Michael Gaitley

Prayers and Heavenly Promises by Joan Carroll Cruz


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Goodbye Again

Are you often away from your loved ones for things like work travel? It’s a fact of life for many of us. In the beginning, it might not be all that difficult. But over time it can grow old, and the constant goodbye’s can become more challenging. You likely remember the John Denver song, “Goodbye Again,” in which he poignantly describes his life on the road, and how he had to so often say goodbye to the one he loved at home. If you’re a road warrior, or simply have to travel a lot for a variety of reasons, and your heart is sorry to have to say goodbye, and frequently misses someone back home, how do you handle it all? There are certainly more technological ways to stay in touch with the people back home than ever before. But does that make hitting the road any easier for you? Has your life on the road perhaps cost you the love of someone you frequently left behind? Let’s talk about this on Monday’s show.

T2- 02-11-19-goodbye2U

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What Do You Want to Be Set Free From?

We’re all carrying spiritual, psychological and emotional burdens. While we’re not experts in any of those fields, we’ve experienced the same challenges you have. Maybe one of your children died, and you have taken the blame for it. Perhaps your kids are away from the faith, and you think you could have done more to keep them grounded in it. It might have been a relationship that didn’t work out, and you can’t stop beating yourself up over it. This kind of baggage fills each of our lives. But Jesus wants us to be free of these burdens. On Friday, let’s try to provide hope to one another about how we can start to be free of these burdens.

T2- 02-8-19-free

P.S. On Thursday’s show about spiritual reading, a caller mentioned Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling, a work that both Jerry and Debbie mentioned they had made use of and further recommended. Our understanding of the book is that it is the author’s attempt to create a daily devotional that will inspire her readers with words she could imagine were coming from Jesus. A member of the Take 2 Family e-mailed us expressing some concerns about that book. Upon further research, we discovered this helpful review by EWTN’s Johnnette Williams of Women of Grace. We provide it for your instruction and benefit, and assure you that it is our intention to ensure that we only present and recommend resources on our show (and any EWTN show, for that matter) that are considered entirely solid and dependable. Thanks!



What Does Your Soul Like to “Eat?”

As Christians, we are exhorted to read and pray over the Sacred Scriptures. That is one of the most fruitful and important things we can do to grow spiritually. But God speaks to us in many other ways. One of those ways is when we read books and other writings by the saints and other holy men and women. Do you have any favorites that have helped you along your path to heaven? If so, share them with the world on Thursday’s show. The spiritual reading that has benefited you could well become the “food” for the souls of many other people looking to grow closer to God.

T2- 02-07-19-reading

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Fasting For Spiritual Growth

How has fasting helped you grow in your faith life? Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights, so it is clear fasting has profound spiritual effects. We are coming up on the beginning of Lent, March 6th. This may just be the perfect time to learn how fasting has helped others in their faith life. Let’s learn from one another. This way our Lenten journey can become much more meaningful. 

T2- 02-06-19- fasting-faith

LINK: Fast & Abstinence

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The Real Truth About Marriage

T2- 02-05-19-marriage.jpg

We all have seen the Hollywood version of marriages played out on the big screen.  Then there are the romance novels we have read over and over again. But what is marriage really like behind closed doors and in real life.  Are couples happy, content and in love?  Maybe the real truth about marriage is better than anything that could be portrayed in a movie.  Let’s talk about marriage with the eyes of faith and with a greater purpose to see just how incredible this union between man and woman can and should be. Call us with your incredible sacramental marriage stories.  Let’s celebrate marriage! 1-833-288-3986

ARCHIVE: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/bishop-olmsted-the-vocation-to-family-life-is-beautiful-and-noble

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Do You Feel Lost In This World?

T2- 02-04-19- lost (1).jpg

This world is very big and very unforgiving at times.  Do you feel overwhelmed and sometimes lost in this world?  Maybe secretly everyone feels this way from time to time. We may feel all alone at times, but just knowing that our guardian angel is right beside us certainly brings great comfort.  Maybe that is why God gave us each an angel to be with us all the days of our lives.  God knew we could feel lost and alone in this world. Let’s talk about this shared feeling and see if we can relate it to our spiritual life.  Call us with your experience, 1-833-288-EWTN.