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Have You Ever Been Given the Silent Treatment?

It’s what’s known as the “silent treatment.” Someone you’re close to, in many cases even immediate family members, shun you and simply refuse to talk to you or have any interaction with you. Sometimes you’re left wondering what you did or said to cause that to happen. Maybe you know what that is, but don’t see to be able to resolve the situation or be reconciled to the other person due to them not talking to you. This can be one of the harshest and cruelest manners in which others treat us. Let’s talk about this on Wednesday’s show.

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It’s Unscripted! Call In!

This is the first Unscripted of 2021, so please join us and bring to the table anything you want to talk about. This particular show is quite popular with our Take 2 family. You do not need to be Catholic to call in. If you have a question, comment, want to suggest a topic or revisit a past show, Tuesday is the day to do just that. Here is the number to get on the show…1-833-288-3986




Whom or What Are You Praying For?

We just wrapped up a great “Schools Week” of programs, thanks to you and your great participation. We may consider doing other week-long series in the future. Let us know what you think. In the meantime, we’ve been offering our prayer shows for a few years, and, understandably, they are always very busy. On Monday, let us know what you’re praying for, so we can share those intentions with the global Take 2 Family. We look forward to the honor of praying for what’s important to you.

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All About Education

To wrap up this wonderful week honoring Catholic Schools, we have decided to make Friday an Education Unscripted Show. So please, call in, text, or email your thoughts and feelings about anything related to education. You can share your experience of homeschooling, private, charter or public schools as well. We want to hear everything from our Take 2 family. We learn and grow because of you! 1-833-288-3986


What’s the Talk on High School and College Campuses?

The Take 2 Family is doing an amazing job (no surprise!) of providing insights and lived experiences on our “Schools Week” broadcasts. On Thursday, we hope you’ll join us again for a program that will touch upon many facets of high school and college campus life. From student government to classes and clubs, from dating issues to being homesick, from protests to living out the faith. In essence, the mic is yours again on Thursday to share you own campus experience (current or past), that of your kids, from the perspective of a teacher or administrator – come on, come all on our next show!

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What’s the State of Our High Schools and Colleges?

With two great shows behind us (thanks, as always, to your participation), we head into Wednesday’s “Schools Week” program and we’ll talk about the state of things on our high school and college campuses. This will include Catholic, non-Catholic Christian, and public and private schools. Please join us and weigh in on what your experience was, or is, on a high school or college campus.


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How Did You Decide, Catholic or Public School?

It can be a really difficult decision to make, Catholic school vs. public school for your child. The public school is free and probably close to your residence. The Catholic school provides the Faith but costs quite a bit of money in tuition and usually is a distance away from home. Please tell us during Catholic Schools Week how you made that choice for your child/children. Call us at, 1-833-288-3986

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What Grade Would You Give Catholic Education?

Monday kicks off a special series of shows we are calling “Schools Week.” Our intention – with your help, of course – is to take a look at all levels of education, both Catholic and public, from the perspective of students, parents, alumni, teachers, supporters, etc. On Monday, we want your honest takes on what grade you would give Catholic education, again, from the standpoint of a current student, alumni, teacher, etc. We often hear of Catholic schools that are doing a stellar job at what they’re called to do. Unfortunately, stories are also told of Catholic schools on all levels falling very short of their duties of providing a solid Catholic formation for our young people. Talk to you on Monday!

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Putting Down Your Pet, Part II

The response to Wednesday’s show was amazing – and, at times, emotional. Due to the volume of calls, emails, text messages and social media comments, we’ll be presenting part two on Thursday. If you were on the line when we ended Wednesday’s show, you can move to the head of the line!

Here’s a helpful website submitted by a listener: https://www.lapoflove.com/

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Have You Had to Put Down a Beloved Pet?

Most of us have heard the tongue-in-cheek line, “Dogs (or cats, or birds, or reptiles) are people, too.” In truth, a lot of people treat their pets as though they are human. They’re not, of course. But they still can play a truly vital role in our lives. A pet can be a faithful companion to a person who lives alone. It can be a fun and playful addition to a growing family. We even hear stories of heroic acts on the part of some pets. Make no mistake about it, we easily grow attached to our pets – no matter which type of pet we choose. Which means that there will likely come a time when we have to bid them farewell and have them put down. You’ve likely been through that agonizing decision. Let’s talk about it on Wednesday’s show.