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Do You Have an Exit (Retirement) Strategy?


Life moves on for all of us. We’re born, we grow up and we enter into careers. Before we know it, we’re staring at the end of our working lives. For some, that comes earlier and easier than it does for others. But for all people, there is no substitute for planning and preparation. It can be a form of stewardship to have a reliable plan in place for your retirement years. Depending on your field and your earning abilities, your retirement can take a variety of different forms. How have you prepared for yours? Have you embraced a somewhat frugal lifestyle in order to have enough resources when you stop working? When did you get started saving for retirement? Was it early enough that you are in good shape? Maybe you got a late start and are faced with the prospect of working later in your life than you would like. What advice were you given by your parents or others about this? Did you follow that advice? What types of investments did you make to set yourself up for retirement? Some people see their investments collapse and it jeopardizes their retirement. If that’s happened to you, what are your plans now? As always, your take on Friday’s show could have a far-reaching impact on many who are still in the workforce.



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Why Did They Leave?

There are as many reasons why people leave the Church as there are people who leave her. It’s nothing new. Jesus faced this during his earthly ministry. If he experienced it, why should we be surprised or scandalized when people today walk away from the fullness of the Christian faith and the means of salvation? Of course, we can never judge motives or hearts. Only God can determine the spiritual state of one who chooses to leave the Church. Our role is to pray for them, that they will one day soon find their way back. On Thursday, Jerry and Debbie will field your takes on what you believe may have been a reason why someone you know or love has left an active practice of the faith.



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From the Mountaintop to Gethsemane

In the Christian life there can be what’s known as the “honeymoon phase.” When we initially come to faith, there is often a newfound joy, zeal and vibrancy. You might call it a renewed bounce in our step. We’re in love. We’re on fire. All is more than “right” with the world. Many people want to go to Mass more often, receive the Eucharist more devoutly, start praying the Rosary and other devotionals, go to Confession more frequently, read the Bible, attend prayer meetings, and so forth. This is all because we’ve “tasted and seen” that the Lord is good. We are convinced that life will never be the same, that we will be on this “high” forever going forward. Much like Peter, James and John felt on the mountain when Jesus was transfigured. We all know well the suggestion Peter made to build tents for Jesus, Moses and Elijah, and that they all remain on the mountaintop. That’s what we can experience in the Christian life. We want to hold on to the glory and the euphoria of what we’ve come to experience. Yet, just like Peter, James and John, we, too, will eventually be invited by Jesus to accompany Him into the Garden of Gethsemane. Does Jesus give us the mountaintop moments so that we will not turn away from Him during the Gethsemane moments? It’s our belief that that’s exactly why we have these two accounts in the Bible involving Peter, James and John. The same three apostles to whom Jesus showed His glory in a blinding way are the same three apostles to whom He revealed His suffering humanity in the garden. Have you experienced both of these in your life? Have you been on the mountaintop with Jesus? Has He also led you into a garden of difficulty and suffering, asking you to accompany Him in those moments? Tell us how you were able to hold onto what you knew about your faith, and to Jesus, when the going got rough. Remember, there will be people listening on Wednesday who find themselves trying to make sense of the suffering of life. You could help them to remain steadfast and to cling to Jesus.

Transfiguration passage is in Matthew 17

Gethsemane passage is in Matthew 26


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Have You Ever Desired Suffering?

The history of the Church has known many “victim souls.” These are men and women who have been given particular afflictions by God to endure for the sake of others. Some have made themselves available to God to take on specific sufferings. Have you ever said, “God, if it will lead (name of loved one) closer to you, I will gladly accept any trial you wish to send to me?” Or, maybe you have simply embraced some suffering with your whole heart, knowing that it would lead to the salvation of others. This requires a heart of great love, not only for Jesus, but for souls. The difficulty is in taking our eyes off ourselves and seeing the “bigger picture.” That’s the view Jesus had from the cross. How are you at accepting – or even asking for – suffering to aid in the salvation of souls?


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Monitoring Your Children


Our children are attacked on every side by forces we shouldn’t want them exposed to. The culture and the world are not what they were a generation or two (or more) ago. There may have been a time when things were much more decent, and parents could just anticipate that their kids were being led in the direction of virtue, not vice.  But that is simply not the case today. Our children’s innocence is being hijacked by people who lack a sense of God and are driven my selfish agendas.  Just look at the whole Teen Vogue debacle.  Many parents thought it would be safe to let their kids read this magazine and little did they know that their children were changed forever (not for the better) because of it.  Let’s talk about watching out for our children.  How should we monitor our children’s email accounts, social media, school textbooks, magazine subscriptions, tv shows, etc.  No one in this world will take better care of your children the way you can and should as parents.  Share your views on this important topic by calling, 1-800-585-9396.

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Shared Family Accounts

We all like our privacy. It’s part of being an individual. But what happens when we get married? When we have kids? Should there be accountability with things like bank accounts, e-mail accounts, social media accounts? Is it your experience that you and your spouse maintain separate accounts in these areas? Do you require your children to share with you the login information for their e-mail and social media accounts? If not that, do you ask them to allow you to view their activity whenever you want? How can you maintain each other’s autonomy while at the same time making sure there are no “secrets” among you? Share with us your family practice by calling 1-800-585-9396.

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Do You Ever Feel Lonely?

A lot of people today feel alone, isolated, with no support group around them. Even if they interact with hundreds of people a day. There can still be the crippling sense that they’re alone and that no one truly has their interests at heart. Is this the fruit of experiences earlier in life? Is it a matter of the individual having no close family members or friends? Can it translate into a belief that God is no longer with them, either? Do you sometimes find yourself feeling lonely? Maybe that’s your experience a great deal of the time. Do you know someone who often expresses that they feel alone and without anyone who loves and cares for them? This can be a very difficult cross to bear. What’s behind this feeling? It can certainly be the case that a person has little or no interaction with others. But you might have a sense of loneliness even if you are around people all the time. Have you delved into this to try to find the root of it? How have you attempted to comfort and console another person who is lonely? If you’ve overcome this in your own life, what kinds of things did you do or add or delete from your life to change things? Share your take on Thursday’s show.