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No, Thank You



We have all been trained to put others first, to nurture, to help, to serve.  These are good things but they can also lead to negative feelings if the situation gets out of balance.  Saying “no” can be necessary and beneficial at times, even for our spiritual life.  But many of us aim to please, we don’t want to disappoint.  So we say “yes” way too many times, only to be feeling overwhelmed, angry, guilty, frustrated and resentful.  Then, when it all seems like too much, we may abandon our commitments and accept the title of “flaking out.” A vicious cycle that can be broken by establishing practical habits to keep everything in check.  If this topic resonates with you, then please call in and share your experience and/or advice. 1-833-288-3986.


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Whose Name Tags Are On Your Crosses?

We know that we all have our particular cross to carry in life. Jesus says that if we don’t take it up and carry it, we cannot be His disciples. But most, if not all, of us take crosses upon ourselves that don’t have our names on them, and were not intended for us to carry. The divorce of parents, an alcoholic mother or father, being abused in some manner, a feeling of rejection in life. These can all result in heavy crosses that do not have our names on them. Yet, we still lug them around as though we were responsible for what was done to us by others. Are you carrying crosses that have other people’s name tags on them? Let’s talk about this on Thursday, and maybe we can all grow a little closer to God – and to peace of mind and heart.



My Dad Always Said…

Last week, while we were still in the Month of Mary, we asked you to share a pearl of wisdom you learned from your earthly mother or grandmother. In June, we honor the dads with the celebration of Father’s Day. So, on Wednesday, please share with us what words of wisdom or advice your father or grandfather imparted to you. Maybe you didn’t realize how profound their statements or examples were until you lived long enough to experience them for yourself. It surely would be to our advantage if we tap into their wisdom and honor them for taking the time to care about us.

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What Beneficial Life Change Have You Made?

It’s always good to be reviewing our lives in order to see where we might tweak this or change that in order to better ourselves. This can take countless forms. Things like losing weight, cutting back on drinking or smoking, deciding to attend daily Mass, switching jobs – you name it. Making positive changes can add immensely to our quality of life and move us further down the path of being the best version of ourselves. On Tuesday, call and share an impactful change you have made along the road of your life.


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Sorry, I am running late again


Do you find yourself constantly apologizing and making excuses as to why you are late for appointments or meetings?  Is this a chronic problem for you?  Many of us struggle with running late especially in today’s world when we try and do more than we can manage.  But did you know that when we are late, it can be a sign of selfishness on our part and a lack of respect for others and their time.  We as Catholic Christians are called to be our word and that would also relate to being on time.  So how good are you on honoring your commitments and showing up on time?  Let’s have a real conversation about this and see if we can learn something that can help us in our daily lives.  Call us with your take on this, 1-833-288-3986.


Whom or What Are You Praying For?

As promised, Jerry and Debbie are offering you on the first Friday of each month in 2018 the opportunity to share with the world your heartfelt prayer intentions. That’s what you can call in about on Friday. There’s power in prayer, and the Take 2 family are all prayer warriors. Together, let’s lift up those people and intentions that are on our hearts!

What would you like the world to pray for?Friday at Noon ET on Take 2 With Jerry and Debbie


My mom always said…

5-31 -18--mom-wisdom.jpg

We are still in the month of May so we are honoring the wisdom of mothers and grandmothers.  In June, we will honor the dads. For Thursday’s show, please share with us what words of wisdom or advice your mother or grandmother imparted to you.  Maybe you didn’t realize how profound their statements were until you lived long enough to experience it for yourself.  That is what happened with Debbie and her mom’s advice.  Debbie had to live it and then she realized where she first heard it, from dear ole mom. Our mothers and grandmothers have lived long lives with all the ups and downs this world had to offer.  It surely would be to our advantage if we tap into their wisdom and honor them for taking the time to care about us.  Call in early to the show to be sure to get on the air.  1-833-288-3986.