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I’m Disabled, Not Dead!

For a long time there have been efforts to accommodate those with disabilities. There are special parking spaces, ramps leading into virtually every building, hotel rooms with extra space and more. At the same time our culture heads down a path of utilitarianism, in which those who are no longer able to make“meaningful contributions” are marginalized. If you are disabled in some way, what is your take on how you are treated? Do you feel respected as a beloved son or daughter of God? Or do you sense that you are a second-class citizen because you may have physical or other limitations? Share your take on this important topic with Jerry and Debbie on Wednesday.


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Have You Been Part of An Adoption?

One of the most beautiful things that can happen to someone is to be adopted by a loving family. It can also be one of the most conflicting realities that he or she has to deal with throughout life. It’s beautiful because of the fact that parents are more than willing to step in when it appears that giving a child up to adoption is the best thing for the baby and his or her future. It can be conflicting because the one who was adopted may never know the reasons why the mother decided she could not care for and raise the child. Adoption touches more lives than we might know. On Tuesday, call with your take about being part of an adoption – whether you were the one adopted, the mother giving up her child, the parents who took the little one into your home or the siblings who helped to welcome a new member of the family.


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“I Can Take It!”

In order to grow spiritually, we have to be open to giving and receiving feedback – even constructive criticism – to one another. Does this offend you? Do you welcome input from others? Are you grateful that others would take the time to help make you better, even if they are not as gifted or as talented as you? Does it make you nervous when you realize you must offer some corrective words to another? Share your take on Monday with Jerry and Debbie.


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“I Didn’t Study For This!”

Many people go to college to study something, but end up working in a completely different field. It’s actually quite common. If you fall into this category, call on Friday and share your take on how you are using the education you received to fulfill your present professional obligations. Maybe you’re deeply disappointed that you didn’t find work in your educational field. Perhaps you had no clue what you wanted to study when you went to college, only to discover your passion after you graduated. You may have entered the workforce in your chosen field only to realize that it wasn’t fulfilling after all. God leads us all in mysterious ways (He “writes straight with crooked lines,” as they say). What has been your experience? Talk to you on Friday!


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What Does Being “Open to Life” Mean for You?


The Church requires that all of her members to “open to life.” This takes on special significance for those entering into the sacrament of marriage. If one or the other party is not genuinely open to bringing new life into the world, the sacrament may be invalid. But even those who are single and seeking their vocational call from God need to have a disposition of openness to life. But what exactly does this mean? Having as many children as possible? How do you view the Church’s insistence that we all be “open to life?” In what ways can every one of us bear witness to the value and dignity of human life regardless of our own state in life? Join Jerry and Debbie with your take on this. 1-800-585-9396


The Cost of Ignoring God

In today’s world, there are more ways than ever to ignore God, to run from Him, to avoid hearing His voice. Gadgets, media, technology, and all sorts of “busy-ness.” The irony is that we pay immense amounts of money to keep God at arm’s length. How much does it cost in dollars to keep ourselves “connected” to the rest of the world, but to avoid hearing God’s voice? Not to mention the “cost” in spiritual graces, and, sadly, in possible souls being lost. Share your take on this important topic Tuesday with Jerry and Debbie.