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Whom Have You Helped Get to Heaven, Part II

Thursday’s show featured so many calls – with so many people left waiting to share at the end – that we are going to present part two on Friday. So, if you didn’t get on the air Thursday to tell us how you were an instrument in the final moments of someone’s transition into eternal life, be sure to call early on Friday!

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Whom Have You Helped Get to Heaven?

We’ve all surely known someone who has died. A spouse. A family member. A friend or neighbor. A fellow Church-goer. Maybe a complete stranger. There are those rare but beautiful instances when God allows us to play a significant role in a person’s final days or moments on earth, and, God-willing, aid them in attaining eternal life. Have you been in such a situation before? What part did you play in the dying person’s journey? Were you a caregiver? Did you help facilitate their conversion prior to dying? Perhaps you were the one who stepped up to be the “angel” someone needed when no one else would do it. As the Bible says, “God wills that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.” But often he needs our assistance to make sure that happens. If you’ve experienced this, call and tell the world about it on Thursday.

RESOURCES:: Apostolic Pardon Brings Total Forgiveness Before Death

T2- 100418 - Help2Heaven



What Does “Judge Not, That You Be Not Judged” Mean to You?

One of the trickiest of all Scriptural mandates is the one that admonishes us not to judge others. It is often thrown in the faces of Christians who simply seek to distinguish between right and wrong actions. The Biblical exhortation would seem to refer, rather, to making an ultimate judgment with regard to another person’s eternal destiny. Or, does it mean that we should put up and shut up when it comes to anything and everything other people do? How do you ensure that you are carefully judging actions, and not the individuals who perform them? Share your take on this Wednesday.

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Can You Laugh at Yourself?

As Christians, we know the importance of living a moral, godly life. It requires us to be always striving to be more like Jesus. But, as humans, we are weak and prone to making mistakes along the way. Some people are able to view all of this with peace, even laughing at their shortcomings. This is not to imply that sin is a laughing matter. But we can fall into the trap of perfectionism, to the point where even the basic fact of our fallen nature becomes an unbearable burden for us. God understands that we are going to stumble and fall along the journey of life. While you work at becoming holy, are you able to accept – and even laugh at – the mistakes you have made and the lessons you have learned from them?


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Monthly Unscripted


Once a month we come to the show with no set agenda to discuss, rather we open up the phone lines and let you take it away.  You can revisit previous shows, suggest future topics, or you can just share anything that is weighing on your mind.  We will try to answer your questions about the faith as best we can and we will certainly engage in a healthy conversation about things going on in your life.  We love the fact that Take 2 is a peer ministry.  We journey together as a family, learning and growing from one another.  So call in and share whatever you like and we will be here to listen. 1-833-288-3986.

Act of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

EWTN article on faith and works

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Keeping Our Focus At Mass

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It is more common than you think.  We are ashamed to admit it, but probably most of us at Mass, daydream or lose focus at some point during the service. Does that mean we really don’t believe? Are we finding Mass boring? Or is it just part of our natural human behavior that our thoughts may wander.  Maybe, just maybe it can give us a clue about our own spiritual development. Let’s have an authentic discussion about this and see if we walk away with a different perspective about our attention span during Mass. Call us with your experience of losing focus at Mass. 1-833-288-3986.