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Is Anyone Beyond the Reach of God’s Mercy?

You know God is merciful. We all do. Intellectually, we know that God can have mercy on anyone. Is there someone you pray for who is or was especially sinful? While we can’t judge souls, we can see the need for God’s mercy on the part of many people. Do you hold out hope for someone, living or deceased? Do you know of an example of God’s mercy turning a hard heart toward Him, perhaps even at death’s door for someone? Let’s discuss this with your takes on Monday.



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Have You Ever Been Amazed at a Decision You’ve Made?

All through life, we have important decisions to make. We pray. We seek the advice of others. We ask God for guidance. There comes a time when we have to just decide which way we’re going to go. Some decisions work out beautifully. Others don’t go as we had planned or wished. Has there ever been an occasion when you made a choice, then spent time wondering, “What have I done?” How did it turn out for you? It might have even been a great decision, one that led you to go beyond your comfort zone. Describe that feeling of amazement, or dismay, when you’ve done this. That’s Friday with Jerry and Debbie.


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Till Death Do Us Part

Marriage is supposed to be until death. That can often mean staying by the side of your spouse in spite of him or her betraying you in one way or another. Some choose to leave the marriage, perhaps very justifiably. No one is called to remain with their spouse when there are serious reasons to leave the marriage. Others choose to hold out to the end, praying for their husband or wife to turn from their harmful ways. What is your experience with this? On Thursday, share with Jerry and Debbie how you have remained faithful to your marriage vows – and your spouse – in spite of some difficult circumstances. 


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Have You Prepared For Your Death?

We should always be prepared for our death from a spiritual standpoint. But there also comes a point in everyone’s life when we should put in place the plans for our death. Creating a will. Medical instructions. Funeral and burial arrangements. Is this something you have done? If not, have you even thought about it yet? Some people get caught off guard by a sudden illness or accident, and have to scramble to take care of matters after a loved one passes. Others are quite well prepared years in advance. Share your take on this important topic on Tuesday.


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How Can We Make Our Culture More Catholic?

As Catholic Christians, we’re called to convert the culture for Jesus. Too often, however, that works in reverse: The culture converts us. You often hear the term, “Cultural Catholics.” What does that mean? Is it a reference to people who may “punch the clock” on Sunday and warm a pew for an hour, but who really don’t incorporate their faith into their everyday lives? On Monday, share with us your suggestions and tips for how we can lovingly and joyfully make our world more Catholic.


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How Have You Become More Disciplined?

10_26_17 Discipline.jpgThroughout our lives, there are many times when discipline is imposed upon us from without. Our families, schools, the military and the workplace are some clear examples of this. But life requires us to practice self-discipline in many other areas. How have you become a more disciplined person as your life has gone on? Maybe you’ve committed to getting up earlier and praying each morning. Perhaps you found the will to lose some excess weight. It could be that you had a “regular” habit or sin that you have eliminated from your life. You’ll teach many others by sharing your example of self-discipline on Thursday with Jerry and Debbie.

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Do You Sometimes Feel Like God Isn’t There?

We all know that God is omnipresent (everywhere), omniscient (all-knowing), all-loving, all-caring, etc. At least, we know those things in our heads. Sometimes our hearts aren’t as quick to follow along. That can be due to many reasons. The truth is, we can be sure that it’s all true. Yet, there can be many times in life when we talk to God, reach out to Him, seek His comfort and consolations, and it just doesn’t seem like He is there, that He is hearing us, that he truly cares. While He always does, how do you deal with those times when you’re at the end of your rope and just need to know that God is with you in times of trial? Share your take on this on Wednesday with Jerry and Debbie.