Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

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A Heartfelt Thank You Goes A Long Way

When was the last time you said the words “thank you”? People do things for us all the time to make our lives so much easier. Do we say “thank you” or “please” often enough to show our appreciation? Let’s talk about these gestures and the impact they can have on others. Call in to be on the air with us. 1-833-288-3986

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Hard To Say Goodbye

When those loved ones leave for home, work, or military service, the goodbyes can be so difficult. One more look, one more hug, one more wave and then they finally leave your sight. It can be painful to say goodbye and that is why we want to talk about it on Take 2. We learn and grow from each other and all we have to deal with in life. Call us and share your view of saying goodbye. 1-833-288-3986