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I Love My Parish Because…

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We want to know on Thursday, the reasons why you love your parish. You might have a great pastor or deacon. Or maybe you have tons of activities and ministries at the parish. Possibly, it is the adoration chapel that makes the most spiritual impact on you. This is your chance to highlight the great things happening at your parish. So call us, 1-833-288-3986
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One thought on “I Love My Parish Because…

  1. We have a wonderful, traditional priest at our large parish. He’s young, on fire and celebrates a very reverent and beautiful, holy Mass. He begins and ends Adoration with a full Benediction. He has encouraged and led consecrations to our Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph and the Holy Family. Aside from Saturday Confession hours, he offers an additional opportunity for confession during the week, I could go on and on there’s so much more. By the way, his name is Fr. Danda.


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